Tara doesn’t have enough bullets to shoot at naysayers let alone walkers. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC


How much has The Walking Dead made you want to rage lately? Viewership has been dropping, even though it has great numbers still. People have been steadily walking away from this season for one reason or another, with this episode getting so much hate, not only for this season but for seasons overall. Fans by nature are impatient and always want to hear what’s going on with Rick, and Daryl, and other more high profile characters. Sometimes we get a little to short sighted and miss the huge character and story development like in this episode.

Heath and Tara were out on a multi week supply run. They seemed to be coming up empty on the run and Heath’s spirits seemed to be down. He wanted to go back but Tara wanted to keep going for the week as promised. Heath let out some of his thoughts about what the world is now, and he still seems to be having a hard time coping with things, and to think that he doesn’t even know all the bad news yet.


It feels like I’ve been in here 24 hours. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

This episode didn’t exactly have a lot of action, the most important things are what we learned by swore to not tell anyone. The story jumped as it usually does, but to try to get some clarity on what happened. Heath and Tara made it to a bridge and were stopped. The bridge looked to be a home for a group, it was intentionally blocked off at one end, had cars around, and you could even see planter boxes. It was abandoned and they were looking around for supplies, they were not paying close enough attention when a tarp came down to see that a lot of walkers were going towards them. Tara and Heath got over run and separated, without having anywhere to really go Tara ends up going over the bridge into the water below.

Tara ends up washed up on shore, somewhere that we are not quite familiar with. Two people find her, a child and a women. They are supposed to kill anyone they see, but the women didn’t want to do that, she wanted to give her some water and food, put her in a safe spot and let her live. Tara pretended to be asleep but followed the women back to her camp. Tara went quietly to get an idea if the camp was dangerous or not, but when someone from the camp got wind of her they had clicking to alert everyone else. The camp all rushed to get guns to hunt down the invader. Tara had one dead to rights but instead of shooting just knocked her silly.

When surrounded Tara gave up, as a prisoner and was asked questions to find out who and where she came from. Tara wasn’t being truthful, and the group recognized a barbed wire emblem on the gun handle that Tara had. After a lot of time they embraced Tara if she decided to stay forever and never return from where she came. If she wanted they could find Heath and have Heath return and stay. Tara noticed that this village has no men and tried to figure out what happened. She was told the the group encountered another group, and they tried to fight back and it didn’t end up well and the other group killed all the males. This group one day decided they didn’t want to keep working for someone else so they all just got up and left in the middle of the night to where they are now. They don’t want to be known and don’t want to be found and kill everyone on site.

Tara insisted she wanted to get back to see her girlfriend and two of the security was escorting her back to the bridge and she would have to find her way after that. Tara started to realize that something was amiss and they were going to take her out of the village and kill her. Tara found a moment to make her escape and luckily for her the person who saved her originally at the water came to help stop her fellow villagers and get Tara to the bridge.

They get to the bridge and Tara is able to get through the walkers and obstacles with help of her sharp shooting friend, who is “recaptured” and we can assume punished by her fellow villagers. Tara sees some track marks from where the truck used to be so she is hoping that Heath was able to make an escape. Tara ends up walking all the way back to Alexandria, and upon her arrival she meets a very sad Eugene and between him and we assume Rosita, Tara finally learns the truth of her girlfriend, Abraham and Glenn. Rosita is asking Tara if she knows anywhere that they can get some guns or ammunition, she doesn’t care how far or how dangerous it is she will go and get it. Tara is touching a shell charm bracelet she got from her visit and swears that she doesn’t know anywhere and this is their life now.