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Episode Synopsis:

Jess tries to impress the president of the Parents’ Council to become the principal of her school. Meanwhile, Winston puts his undercover skills to the test and Nick tries to find the perfect wedding gift for Schmidt and Cece.

New Principal and James Wonder

We’re finally back on track with Jess’ career, and she’s trying to become the new principal at her school. Along the way, two things stand in her way. One of the parents, Ed, and “James Wonder,” which is Winston’s undercover identity. This parent by the name of Ed, strongly feels that Jess wouldn’t be a great principal because of what she would be teaching the students. With Winston’s new alter ego, Jess tries to convince Winston to whoo Ed and get in a good word for her. If was funny seeing Winston try to be another person, because he’s not that sly. No way could he attempt to go undercover in real life, because eventually he would cave and reveal the truth. One of the best scenes though, was when Winston found the landscaping pictures under his pillow. He somehow created these amazing illustrations, while he was sleeping. Maybe that could be his next career if being a cop fails. As for Ed, Jess eventually convinces him that she would be a great principal; but it was because she lied about getting rid of the math decathlon, and creating a class of his choice. The next day, things get out of control, when all the parents want Jess to change different things about how the school is run. Thank god, Jess finally stands up for herself, and makes some valid points about how many of the students are progressing in school because of her suggestions. It was nice to get a break from Robby in this episode, and I hope we get to see more of Jess at school. I think she’ll do a great job as the new principal.

Off the registry

During this secondary storyline, there are a whole new set of challenges that are being faced. Schmidt and Cece are having a hard time writing thank you cards to the people who got them wedding gifts, and Nick still can’t decide what to get the newlyweds for their gift. In true Nick fashion, he does actually buy something that is on Schmidt and Cece’s registry, but is afraid to give them the gift, because he feels like it’s not special enough. It’s a blender, and we all know Schmidt would be using that thing non-stop. Also, Nick thinks registries are run by robots, so that’s also why he refuses to buy anything from it. Just like an old married couple, Schmidt and Nick fight about what Nick should buy, and Schmidt thinks it would help, if he lets Nick buy whatever he wants. Such a bad idea. When it comes to gifts, Nick has always been the worst gift giver ever! Except some of the gifts he’s gotten Jess of course, but being off the registry, really throws him off. With the help of Cece; when she says the word “permanent,” Nick automatically thinks the best gift would be to get Schmidt and Cece tattooed on his leg. Just why? Of course, when he shows the couple the tattoo, they’re revolted. And to make things worse, in order to fix his mistake, Nick thinks the tattoo could be saved, by getting all his roommates tattooed on his leg. Hilarious. I gotta say, this secondary storyline didn’t progress anything at all. It just shows that Nick can still be somewhat of an idiot.