Source: TGON

Hey everyone! I know just a couple of weeks ago I wrote a review
about the game Destiny. But I HAVE to give them a special shout out. The
Destiny creators have installed a Halloween-themed update! I
plugged myself into the game the other night and went straight to The
Tower, which is where the Guardians gather to take on missions, claim
rewards, and socialize. The Tower was completely re-decorated with
purple and black candles, banners, and even cool little lanterns, all in
celebration of the Festival Of The Lost. A festival to commemorate the
soldiers and people who died for and during our cause. I was beckoned to
The Shader, a vendor who sells different types of colors for your
armor. She handed me an empty bag and had me collect candy from other
vendors. I guess you’re never too old to Trick-Or-Treat, right?!
I went through, gathering candy, and one creepy lady gave me a box of
Raisins! (Fuck you, Creepy lady. Fuck you and your box of Raisins.) Of
course, at the end of it all, I turned my goodie bag in and in return I
got some pretty badass rewards. I had to bring this Halloween special
up simply because of the detail added into it. From the decoration, to
the fun and games, it’s an enjoyable update and even had blood-curdling
screams and wolves howling in the background. Go check it out for
yourselves!And who knows, maybe we’ll get a holiday special for the Winter season too! I hope you enjoyed, see you next time!