Hello There! This week on TGON Plays, I won’t be reviewing a game so much as I’ll be ranting about it.

Shadows of Mordor for the Xbox 360 was, to me, a complete train wreck. Please know now, that this is strictly my opinion. If you liked the game, by all means, continue to enjoy and play it. That being said, this game sucked eggs. The picture was shoddy and the design was too sharp. They had too many pixels in the design, which made for some very ridiculous looking graphics. The gameplay itself reminded me a lot of the Batman video game series; at least when it came to fighting style and the way you interacted with enemies. (The whole press y for block when alerted that an enemy is attacking, and x for attack.) There are very few things I DID like about this game, but one of them was actually the storyline. It made for a very impressive idea, if executed correctly.

You and your family were murdered by the Black Hand of Sauron. The Black Hand kills your son and wife in front of you and before killing you, places a curse on you that banishes you from death. You’re able to interact with not only the real world, but a sort of limbo dimension as well. This dimension grants you access to supernatural powers that help you in you journey. Your main goal is to kill the Black Hand of Sauron and join your family in the afterlife. Impressive, right? Unfortunately, this game didn’t deliver. This Open-World concept that promises hours of travel through Middle Earth only allows access to Mordor, and even then the idea of Open-World was deeply misleading. All in All, I would rate this game on a very low scale.

That’s all I have for this week’s review, if you disagree, completely agree, or would like to discuss this or any other game, Find me on Twitter or Tumblr ! I value what you all think and want to know your feelings on the gaming community. Thanks for reading! – Charlie