“There Goes My Baby”

Source: ABC Network

After a somewhat lackluster (and scattered) episode last week, HTGAWM brought the fire, brimstone and “say whaaaaaaa?!” to the forefront this week. With Annalise and company’s knowlege that Philip is stalking them (recording them, taunting them, etc), the hackles are up, the Spidey sense is tingling and the shiitake mushrooms hit the fan.

With Annalise surviving Philip’s attack in Wes’s apartment, she spends the next morning/afternooon drinking (a full bottle of vodka, natch) and plotting. Leaving Bonnie and Frank to babysit the interns. Wes-being AWOL at Eve’s place-is back in the fold, but not speaking to Annalise and vice versa. The dynamic between the two of them is very much “I’m mad at you Mom!” and you know why. It’s spilled over to the rest of the interns and effected every facet of every relationship.

Flashing back to the trial of the racist hedgefunder’s son Daniel, we see how Rose killed herself and the fallout (Christophe/Wes being blamed). Being threatened by the racist hedgefunder, the ball is dropped: Rose was sexually assaulted by racist hedgefunder and the result was Christophe. It explains so much of Annalise’s protective nature over Wes and her championing his cause. While in the flashback, the audience sees how and why Annalise Keating is childless.

The stillbirth of her full term son was one of the most devastating and intense scenes I’ve witnessed. I can’t give enough kudos to Viola Davis and Tom Verica for their dedication to the narrative and the writers for the variance in emotion. We see Annalise distraught and hysterical but adamant about the nurses taking the baby away. It was amazingly sad.

The season finale is next week and we’re left with so many questions and twists. Not to mention Michaela and ASHER doing the do in a gross bar bathroom…with Asher biting and smacking Michaela’s bum.

Oh. My. Word. Stay tuned.