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With the reboot of Charmed in its second season, the franchise is as popular as ever. Fans of both series can find all kinds of nifty things to wear and own to show they are a super fan. Get one of these shirts for the Charmed fan in your life. Maybe snag one for yourself. I provided the links to each shirt on Amazon. Happy Shopping!

OG Charmed Sister’s Names. This sells for $19.99.

Remember Piper’s club P3? This shirt sells for $19.99.

Charmed Powers Shirt. This item is $19.99.

It is often said in both series that Power Of Three is needed. This sells for $22.99.

A Whitelighter Tee Shirt so you can announce to the world who your boyfriend is. It sells for $19.99.

I hope these help get you brownie points with your loved one for great gifts. Have a safe and fun holiday season. Let me know if they love it in the comments below. Til next week…