Last season ended with Sam and Dean fighting
getting rid of the Mark of Cain but unfortunately also released something called
the Darkness which seems to be infecting the whole world. I know it all sounds
a little cheesy but I think this new season could have potential to be something
entirely different. The trailer that leaked yesterday had me intrigued. Is the
darkness a person? A demon? A new monster? Or something different entirely?
Here’s a few things I’d love to happen in Supernatural Season 11.

Revealing the Darkness – I want to know what it is
and how it’ll effect Sam, Dean and Cas. Where has it come from and why was it
released? How do they stop it? How does the world react to it? I have a bit of
a theory that the Darkness might be something so huge that it might make it
more difficult for Team Free Will to keep hunting a secret from the world so
maybe there will be more of that.

More Hunters! I want to see more hunters. Don’t get me wrong I love Team Free
Will and the regular suspects but we know that the world is full of hunters and
I’d love to have more guest stars helping Sam and Dean on the road.

Chicago! I know the Spin-Off (much to my own
sadness) never got picked up by the network but I’d love it if Sam and Dean
returned to Chicago because there are still five monster families running the
city and I’m not sure that should be forgotten quite so easily. Either way it
would make a great episode.

Returns! There’s a few people I’d love to see
return for this season. Rumors have already said John Winchester might be back
as well as Adam whom let’s not forget is still in the cage with Lucifer. And if
Adam returns there might be a chance Lucifer returns to? Other faces I’d love
to see back are Bobby, Chuck (we know he’s back because of the 200th
episode but why hasn’t he contacted Sam and Dean?) and last but not least, the
Ghostfacers. It’s been a while since we’ve seen them.

The list could be made long but these are some of the things I’d love to see
from Supernatural Season 11.