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The Witch’s Familiar is the second half of the season opener that holds strong for the most part. This episode was good  conclusion to the “Magician’s Apprentice”. We get a handful of great moment of Missy and Clara as well as a explanation of how she survived at the end of season 8 which was predictable but very much Master-like. Missy at first didnt seem much like her old sinister self but as she moved along the episode using everyone to her advantage. But her best moment was how she nearly got The Doctor to bring harm to one of his companion. To me, there couldn’t be a more evil thing to do to the Doctor. Missy took some time to get her feel in this ep but once it neared it end she reminded us why she is The Master.

The Doctor and Darvos spending a large time of this episode being in one room talking about their history was handle very well. With Doctor Who being known for a large scope and special effects, it was nice breath of fresh air to have an episode of two characters with such a rich history just talking which led to great dialog.I was surprise with the touching and very powerful exchange between the two. I enjoyed the amount of  depth

Julian Bleach brought out of Davros. He was so convincing as a old weaken tyrant who has fallen from grace.

I felt the ending was a bit weak and had everything work out far too well and seemed a bit rush. And i cant say i was a fan of the Doctor wearing his sun glasses as his new sonic. But the finale few scenes of the episode really drove it home for me. I thought they tied the theme of mercy to this  episode in a pretty smart way. And showing the Doctor saving Davros not because he had to but because of mercy which is one of the reason that makes the Doctor who he is and always comes back to help him.

A great ending for the first two-parter of the season. The rushed writing and problem solving did come across as lackluster but its the ep is saved buy The Doctor staying true to who he is and the team up of Clara and Missy which lead to some funny moments..


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