Arrow’s team is trying to track down Adrian Chase, they get a lead that takes them to an arcade. Curtis is really amazed by one of the games that is in working order and doesn’t want it to get damaged. Chase has set some traps inside the arcade including the gun that is operational and sprays bullets towards them, in turn ruining the game. Further inside the arcade he also set up some ninja stars and the group realizes Adrian is not around.

Felicity is working with HIVE yet again, Malena tells Felicity they have someone who had a way to track a heartbeat from anyone anywhere but he is captured by ARGUS and gets Felicity to break in to find information was sent to an unsecured cell phone of a Jordan Pierce. Malena goes to the building and ends up killing Jordan and taking his key card after leaving a fake. The elevator had a camera and Curtis and Felicity hack into it and send a feed to Oliver’s cell phone. The elevator accelerated to 9 G’s and then went into a 40 story free fall which killed Jordan. Curtis is able to hack into the code that hacked into the camera and Felicity recognizes something in the code that tips her off on HIVE. Felicity goes to confront HIVE.

Rene and Lance are at the hall listening to families of victims of the district attorney. Rene says it is trying and he is not sure he can do it anymore. Lance and Rene touch on Rene’s visitation rights with his daughter, and how come he hasn’t utilized them. Lance says if he got a chance to see his daughters again he would. Rene says he can’t because he hurt her, he was drunk and passed out while making soup, and she tried to get it off the hot stove herself and it fell and burned her and her crying is what woke him up from his drunken floor stupor. Lance decides he is going to do something about it and organizes a late night meeting between Rene and his daughter. Zoey is so incredibly happy to see her dad. She tells him she made the hockey team, and wants to know if they can go home now. He says he can’t because he hurt her and she says it was an accident. Rene tells her soon, he knows a lawyer friend who will help them get back together. Rene and Lance share an emotional look. Later on, Rene says that he talked with Curtis’s lawyer friend and things are in motion and he thanks Lance.

With Argus, Lyla informs everyone that the key that was found on the body was a fake, but they need two keys together to use them. Almost every member with a key is at Argus on lock down except one and ask if Arrow and team can escort her back to Argus. Malena knows of this now too, and has sent a pro to go and retrieve the keycard since Melina was the one who killed Jordan and doesn’t want to do that again. Felicity is getting information from both sides as she is updated on what Arrow and crew’s plans are. Felicity calls Guardian and says that one of the HIVE members needs to get away with the key card to let out Camden who has the technology that can be used to track Adrian Chase and to trust her play. Guardian calls ahead to Arrow and Canary to tell them to let the man go.

Back at the Arrow headquarters, everyone is trying to figure out what in the world is going on. Felicity tries to justify her actions and the team is not at all supportive. She thinks she has no choice but to do this and ventures back out on her own.


Arrow, Oliver tries to convince Felicity to stop or she will lose her soul. Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

Oliver heads over to try to talk to Felicity and get her to stop trying to stop the threat that Oliver created. If she continues she will be giving up her soul. She responds that Oliver has given up his soul for everyone, the city, for her, and he doesn’t have to bare that burden anymore. Let her do it now and Oliver says he can’t. She doesn’t give him a choice.

Oliver and his team are gearing up to stop HIVE, while HIVE is getting ready to invade ARGUS. Oliver says that if they come across Felicity they need to stop her. HELIX pulled a fast one and didn’t go to ARGUS, they actually went to another location to release Caden James, which Lyla didn’t tell anyone ahead of time is where he is at 12 miles away. With this information Arrow arrive shortly after HIVE finds Caden. A battle ensues as only a few members of HIVE are left by the time they get Caden to the van. Oliver gets a jump on them and is going to shoot until Felicity steps in front and tells them to leave. She sets up a laser wall that stops Oliver in his tracks until Curtis can come and save him. She apologizes and says she hopes he understands once they catch Chase but he says he doubts it.

After taking that loss, Oliver wants to stay at headquarters and drink alone in quite reflection. Felicity heads back to HIVE’s headquarters to find it is abandoned. They left a screen up to communicate with Felicity, she is told she is a liability because she works with Arrow, but Camden made some on the fly coding that can help find Adrian. She understands and takes it back to Arrow’s headquarters and puts it in her computer to run a test. The tracker starts to beep and hones in on a location…..their current location when it explodes and throws Arrow and Felicity around the room as this episode ends.