Gotham: Follow the White Rabbit


Hello Gothamites! I’d like to give the writers of Gotham a huge round of applause because I really liked this episode! I think that’s mainly because we only had two ‘stories’ this week and that helped to intensify the events that took place.

We start with something that was sort of a surprise, but somehow it was also a very natural thing to happen. We see Oswald having breakfast when he tells his maid that he has feelings for Edward and that today is the day to come clean about it. I must admit that I was a bit shocked,  I certainly did not see that coming. But at the same time, I was very excited because I sort off ship Oswald and Edward together. Anyway, the whole day they are spending time together visiting a school as one of Oswald’s new duties as a mayor. Mayor Cobblepot even tells a young boy that if his classmates don’t like them, he just have to give them a push when they are at the top of the stairs. Eventually, he admits to Edward that he wants to tell him something in a more private setting and invites him for dinner back at the mansion. When Edward is in the store picking out a good bottle of wine he spots a familiar face. At first, he thinks it’s Miss Kringle, but that’s not possible since he killed her. It is a woman named Isabelle who gives him a riddle which he solves. At the same time, Oswald is back at the mansion trying to practice his confession and waiting for Ed.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in Gotham, Tetch tries to lure Gordon in turning just as insane like him. Tetch still blames Gordon for Alice’s death. During breakfast with Vicki a strange man appears, dressed entirely in white with white skin and hair as well. Hence the episode title “Follow the White Rabbit”. This man is clearly under Tetch his hypnosis and tells Gordon to follow him to a certain location. When they arrive a payphone starts ringing and after Gordon picks up it is Tetch. Jarvis forces Gordon to choose between a just married couple who are about to jump off a roof and a young kid who is about to get hit by a truck. Sadly Gordon can’t save them all because he won’t be able to go to both of the places at the same time. Eventually, he chooses the kid and watches the couple jump to their deaths. Before the GCPD arrives, Gordon is already going towards a new location: a nearly empty apartment. In here he sees the research that Tetch has done on him, including all that happened to his father. The apartment also has a phone and a telescope. Tetch calls the phone and tries to have a normal conversation with him, only Gordon throws the horn down a few times. Until Tetch directs him to look out the telescope and Gordon sees Jarvis his goons abduct Vicki. When he realises that Tetch is also after Lee he tries to call her, but Tetch answers her phone, meaning he already has her.


The hunt continues to some sort of factory. In this place, two important reporters from the Gotham news are sitting in some sort of electrical chairs with metal helmets on. Gordon has to make a decision again, either he kills one of them with a gun, or both of them get executed. Bullock and some police officers arrive as well. The officers try to shut off the power before Tetch turns the helmets on. The power isn’t turned off on time, therefore both of the reporters die. Tetch tries to blame it all on Gordon, but Bullock convinces him that there is no way that their deaths are his fault. Through television screens, Tetch tells him to go back to the beginning in order to find the next clue.


When Gordon is back at the GCPD his eyes fall on the ‘White Rabbit’ who is locked in one of the cells. The only thing he keeps repeating is Jim Gordon’s name. Something Barnes already experienced first handed. But when Gordon talks to him again about going back to the beginning, the White Rabbit writes down that Gordon will find Tetch in Lee and Mario’s apartment. On his way out of the GCPD, he walks past Mario who goes with him to help. In the apartment, Tetch is hosting a lovely tea party with Lee and Vicki and with Gordon as the final guest. The Mad Hatter is all about making decisions today since he gives Gordon his final decision of the day: choosing between Lee and Vicki. Like anyone would, he can’t make it. While Gordon is keeping Tetch busy, Mario sneaks into the basement and collects his gun laying there. But for some reason, he doesn’t check if the gun is loaded. He notices it when he is already aiming the gun at Tetch and by then it is too late. He gets overpowered by one of the goons and is locked in the bathroom. Gordon is postponing the decision, which is pissing off Jarvis. When it comes down to the final decision Gordon chooses to kill Lee. Because of his twisted mind, The Mad Hatter thinks in reverse and shoots Vicki in the stomach. He then flees the scene and lets Lee, Gordon and Mario handle Vicki. The last thing we hear about it is that Vicki is in surgery by Mario.


Now the big question is did Gordon knew that Jervis would shoot whoever Gordon wouldn’t choose? So that choosing Lee would result in Vicki being shot? Or was it just a well-thought decision from Gordon that he wanted Lee to be shot? Or Vicki? If you think about it long enough, then I’m not surprised if you slowly turn in The Mad Hatter himself.

Hopefully, we’ll get an answer on that question soon! Thanks for reading and come back for another recap next week!


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