Episode 3: Where is Tobias?

Their is just sometimes where you see a superstar and they are head and shoulders above their peers. In this show it’s Tobias, and it shows even when he was not in an episode at all. If the general public acts like what we saw this week no wonder humanity got over run quickly, this episode seemed like a what not to do text book, and I can’t help but thinking that if Tobias was around he would be the one smart enough to tell the group how stupid their actions are.

For instance, who leaves the slider open in Los Angeles, anywhere for that matter and just leave the house open? It doesn’t have to be a state of emergency for that to be a bad idea. They run around flashlights everywhere, really loud, making noise, act like they have never seen anything like it before. Swear that Susan is just ‘sick’. Well I take that back, it seems when Nick is on his ‘medicine’ he is the only one in our current group who has his head on straight, which is really crazy when you think about that in a vacuum.

Not everyone agrees with me however, if you watch the Talking Dead regularly you are fully aware of the following.


Source: TGON Twitter

Oh to be able to exchange cliff notes. Moving on!

Travis needs to smarten up if he is going to lead this group for any length of time, he is not ready, nobody is.

Declining ratings? Fear the Walking dead started out with amazing ratings, things tailed off after episode 2, and it took another hit with this episode. It doesn’t surprise me, and also doesn’t worry me. I have spoke with a number of Walking Dead fans who were expecting and wanting more action and a faster pace. I can understand that, but it’s coming, they are doing the build up, I’m hoping I can get an idea of what caused this.

My favorite part of the episode again was keeping tabs on the airplane, or seeing how volatile the hospital once and the tension. See you at the live tweet. – Jon