As a huge fan of a capella, and a die-hard fan of the first movie, I was pumped to see Pitch Perfect 2. It was aca-awesome. It takes place three years (and three national championship victories) after the first movie, and follows the lovely Barden Bellas as they figure out their post-university options. Oh, and save the future of their a capella group, after a certain incident involving Fat Amy accidentally flashing the nation. A deal is made between the Bellas and the infamously hilarious judges to reinstate the Bellas if they win the A Capella World Championships, beating the flawless and comically aggressive European team, Das Sound Machine.

This film focuses heavily on the Bellas, consequently, the Treblemakers are seldom there, which kinda sucks, I definitely would’ve liked to see more of them. But brief appearances by real-life A Capella groups like Pentatonix and The Filharmonic somewhat make up for this, as well as paying homage to the voices of modern A Capella. I was also really surprised at the wide range of songs that were incorporated seamlessly into the soundtrack. In the first movie, we heard a lot of Billboard Top 100 hits, but in PP2, groups belt out diverse jams from Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (The Andrews Sisters), to the 90s anthem This Is How We Do It (Montell Jordan), including an original piece written for the film.

Now let’s talk about the characters, they’re still as lovable as ever! They’ve introduced a couple new love plotlines (I won’t spoil them, but they’re REALLY GREAT. REALLY GREAT.), Benji is still the most endearing little dork in the world, Fat Amy is still scandalous and ridiculously funny, and Jesse and Beca still represent everybody’s relationship goals. A newbie, Flo, from Guatemala, offers some pretty funny lines blowing racial stereotypes out of proportion. The judges’ commentary was witty and on point, with John’s gender-biased and ignorant character satirically portraying modern-day sexism. But imo, the Youtuber Flula Borg’s role as one of the members of DSM stole the show:

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Overall, Pitch Perfect 2 is hysterical satire-flavoured a capella, and well worth the trek to the theaters.

Submitted by Rachel Hill