With all the amazing movies coming out this year, it’s super hard to know what’s worth watching. So, here is my personal list of movies you can’t miss for 2016!  🙂

22 – The Fifth Wave:
This movie is based on a book series. One I got the opportunity to read, and I’m so excited that they’ve turned it into a Live Action film!
29 – Kung Fu Panda 3:
‘Cause let’s get real honest, the first two movies were great no matter what age you are.

5 – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies:
Jane Austen and Zombies?! Count me in, most definitely.
12 – Deadpool:
Because…y’know…duh. It’s the Merc with a Mouth.
12 – Zoolander 2:
Full on honesty, everyone. I’ve been missing me some Blue Steel.
22 – The Witch: If you’re a fan of horror films, at least check this movie’s trailer out and let me know what you think. Also I’m like 85% sure that one of the actresses is Catelyn Stark’s crazy ass sister from Game Of Thrones. Just saying.

4 – Zootopia: This is an animated movie, but it’s by Disney. It looks absolutely HILARIOUS. The trailer made me laugh so hard.
18 – The Divergent Series: Allegiant – Part 1: Because y’know….The Divergent series.
24 – Batman Vs Superman: Two major superheroes in one giant movie? Heck yes.
25 – My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2: FINALLY. A SEQUEL. Where’s that Titanic “It’s been 84 years” Gif when you need it, amirite!?

15 – Amityville: The awakening: The newest Amityville has an AMAZING cast line up, and I recommend at least checking out the trailer. It was also supposed to be released somewhere in 2015, but apparently it has been pushed forward.
15 – The Jungle Book: A live action Jungle Book? Yes, yes. More yes.
22 – The Huntsman: I’m a huge Chris Hemsworth fan, and this movie looks worth the money. It’s kind of like a prequel to Snow White and The Huntsman, and focuses more on The Huntsman and how he came to be.

6 – Captain America: Civil War: Do you really need a reason to go see Chris Evans be the perfect Dorito that he is?
13 – Friday The 13th: Imagine this….Freddy Krueger in all his Nightmarish glory…but with today’s special effects. So epic.
20 – Angry Birds: I admit it…this movie looks pretty adorable.
I’m still surprised they can make a movie out of a video game, instead of the other way around. But if they can make it work, then I say Make it work!
27 – Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass: Johnny Depp comes back as The Mad Hatter, and I’m all for it.
27 – X-men: Apocalypse: I know I know…ANOTHER X-Men movie?? Personally I say deal with it, and let us X-Men fans have our fun.

3 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Kasey is played by Stephen Amell from Arrow. STEPHEN AMELL YOU GUYS.
10 – Warcraft: I’ve never personally been a World of Warcraft fan, myself…but this movie looks interesting, and I’m down to see it.
10 – Now You See Me: The second act: Magicians and Illusionists fascinate me, and the first movie was such a perfect compilation of twists and turns that kept you guessing. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for this movie.
17 – Finding Dory: ELLEN DEGENERES. THE MOVIE WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR SINCE WE WERE 10!…DORY YOU GUYS. But really, I’m kind of excited, not sure if you could tell.
24 – Independence Day: Resurgence : The sequel to an amazing movie about aliens. Truly a gift among our generation.

1 – The BFG: This movie is about a Big Friendly Giant, and it’s bound to be so cute.
1 – Tarzan: Live action Tarzan, people. It’s one of my Disney Dreams come true!
8 – Star Trek Beyond (AKA Star Trek 3 or Star Trek 13 if you’re counting them all together.): I’m always down for more opportunities to ship Captain Kirk and Spock.
15 – Ghostbusters: This remake is honestly the gem of this entire list.
It’s going to consist of an all female cast, which includes Melissa McCarthy AND Kristen Wiig. Lord give me strength, because I’m going to laugh so hard.
22 – Ice Age 5: Collision Course: Possibly one of the most adorable animated series out there, this movie will be perfect for you and your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or gremlin to go see!
22 – King Arthur: Knights Of The Round Table
Haven’t seen a trailer, but i’m interested. I love the king Arthur/Merlin stories.

5 – Suicide Squad: I’m fascinated by this movie, not only because of Jared Leto’s interesting choice of a Joker, but because of Harley Quinn. BRING ON THE HARLEY QUINN.
12 – Pete’s Dragon: One of my favorite movies as a kid, This remake will, unfortunately, probably not star an 8 year old Drake Bell. But it’s bound to be one hell of a story.

2 – Patient Zero: So…rumor has it this movie features Matt Smith. There’s not a lot of details on it just yet, but it’s a global pandemic where near everyone gets infected by a “super strain” of rabies. Sounds interesting enough.
2 – Resident Evil: The final Chapter: I’m an insane Resident evil fan, and let me tell you…I’m not sure if I’m ready for the final chapter. Can’t we just have them continue to make Resident Evil movies?
23 – Storks: So, I had to pull up the teaser trailer to know what this movie was when I first heard about it. But it looks like it could potentially be pretty cute.

7 – Gambit: So there’s been a LOT of controversy around this movie, and I honestly am so ready to see a trailer about it. Give me what I want, dangit!
21 – Underworld: Next Generation: If you’re a major fan of the Underworld series, I’m sure this is on your list already. But just in case it isn’t, it premieres in 2016!

4 – Doctor Strange: A highly anticipated movie in the Marvel Universe, Benedict Cumberbatch will take on the helm of Doctor Strange!
4 – Trolls: The Trolls movie also debuts this day, and from what I can tell it seems like it’ll be pretty exciting!
23 – Moana – Now I’ve looked forward to this movie since it was announced, and I have to wait almost another year for it to hit theaters.

16 – Star Wars: Rogue One: Nearly exactly a year after The Force Awakens, this new Star Wars will excite fans even further.
21 – Assassins Creed: You know…I’d heard they made a movie out of this. I’ve played the video games, so I imagine the movies would be absolutely marvelous.
25 – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.
I so hope to see a trailer for this movie soon. I’ve also read the book an am thrilled to see it play out on screen.
25 – Jumanji (Remake): now….I’m not entirely sure I want to see this movie, but I’m going to at least give it a chance.

So, this is my list for 2016. Now, I can’t say these dates will always be accurate…something might happen and the date might get pushed backward, or even jumped forward. So keep your eye on the movie’s premiere dates to make sure you don’t miss it! – Natasja