Every single headline on the internet this weekend has been all about Star Wars. I’m here to reveal my truth to you, I’ve never seen any Star Wars movie & I don’t plan on starting now. Instead, on Friday night, I headed to see Sisters with my best friend to marvel at the majesty of Tina & Amy (and drool over Ike Barinholtz.)

The premise of Sisters is simple enough, two adult siblings return to their childhood home to find out their parents have sold the house. Instead of cleaning out their rooms and accepting the change, they decide to throw one last rager and destroy the house in the process. Fey plays the trainwreck sister, she can’t hold on to a job or a place to live and her teenage daughter is tired of having to be the responsible one. While Poehler is the “mom” sister, always trying to help everyone wether they want it or not.

Amy’s Maura is divorced, looking to get her groove back and be the fun one for once, while Fey’s Kate wants to go back to the good old days of high school where she was at her peak coolness. This brings about the role reversal during the party where Kate agrees to be party mom so Maura can let her freak flag fly.

The party in and of itself is a thing of beauty, every time you think it can’t get more chaotic, it does. Maura falls through the ceiling, something gets jammed up James’ (Barinholtz) rectum and Kate gets some news that changes her perspective. The party ends in the most stereotypically Florida way and these Sisters realize they have some growing up to do.

Sisters is real whose who of comedy actors you’re bound to love if you grew up in the Tina & Amy era of SNL. Many make small cameos and serve as background actors to the party the Ellis sisters (Fey & Poehler) throw. Others, like Maya Rudolph and Rachel Dratch have more prominent roles. There’s also a cameo from John Cena, who I just learned is a professional wrestler and not just some rando whose always hilarious in movies like this one or Schumer’s Trainwreck.

The Paula Pell penned script had me cracking up at every instance. Everyone commits to the role and brings a magic to the movie that it would not have had with a different cast. Luckily, we were hashtag blessed with this cast, making the movie one that I will likely watch many more times to come!