iZombie ep 10

A cleaver episode to deal with the loss of Lowell as well as setting up the final climax of the “zombie empire”. Liv goes from sadden from guilt of the loss of her lover to a more stronger woman with a clear plan on stopping Blaine. I thought they handle that development very well and felt very natural. It seemed that she is now ready to face Blaine much more than ever.

I also enjoyed Major now accepting the idea he has lost his mind. He has dropped his man hunt for the missing teen which was almost as sad as seeing Ravi being left guilty for Major’s mental health. I feel that we’re building to a moment of where Ravi finally tells Major the truth which im sure will be a great scene.

Now the highlight in this episode was the introduction of two new villains. The evil CEO which I believe may turnout to be a key player in Blaine’s empire. The hitman who i thought was creepy in the best way. Im hoping we see more of him in the next three episodes.