GIF Source: Saniday Tumblr

Here are my top three favorite conniving criminals from Season 1:

Number Three: Clyde Mardon/Weather Wizard


What can I say? The Weather Wizard was our first villain encountered this season, and besides his crazy ability to stand in the midst of a tornado that he himself created, he’s got the warped mentality that makes a villain fascinating to watch. I especially loved the moment with Mark, his brother, in the helicopter right before they got hit by the wave from the particle accelerator explosion, where you can clearly see that they’re brothers who look out for one another. Seeing this interaction brought a lot of depth to both characters, allowing us to better understand them.

Number Two: James Jesse/The Trickster (the original one)


Mark Hamill is definitely one of the best actors to have appeared on this series yet! His interpretation of The Trickster was mad genius. This Central City terrorist committed crimes unspeakable in his glory days using tricked-out bombs and other weapons (that all seem to have been of his own making).Once he was apprehended, he relied entirely on his talent for manipulation, we even hear mention of Jesse talking his councilor into suicide. Additionally, Jesse has an indescribable darkness about him; he revels in evil, where the other antagonists only do wrong when it benefits them. James Jesse is one of the scariest, most realistic villains so far this season, which makes him one of the best.

Number One: Dr.Wells/The Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom/Eobard Thawne


A little predictable, perhaps, but I think Dr. Wells has earned the #1 spot on our list. Dr.Wells is one of those villains that people can’t help but sympathize with sometimes! He set a metahuman up for an untimely death. He killed Nora. In another timeline, he killed Cisco. BUT HE’S SUCH A NICE GUY. He certainly likes working with the team at S.T.A.R Labs, he’s always been there, genuinely, for Barry’s moments of self-doubt, Caitlin’s worst experiences, and all of Cisco’s black and white movies. And, when he talked to Joe about having lost their lovers, he seems too honest, too sad to be faking. Moreover, his main motive is clear; he’s just a guy who’s doing what needs to be done get home. Dr.Wells is by far the best developed villain of this season, and the sympathy that we feel for him is the sign of a well-written character.