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“Real men don’t drink out of cups this small.”

This is the first episode of this season which I did not enjoy. Whilst there were some elements of it that were funny, on a whole I thought it served rather as a pointless filler episode before getting back to the actual season story arc. I never like saying negative things about Supernatural as it’s my favourite show and I love it but every so often we do get disappointed with shows we like even if we don’t want to admit. So this episode had a very Clue the game type feeling to it and I think that was the point of it. The episode starts off with Sam and Dean finding one of Bobby’s old cell phones and as they listen to recent voice mail they find out that Bobby is entitled to the will of a woman named Bunny LaCroix.

As Bobby left his things to Sam and Dean the brothers hope that maybe they will be given a bit of money they head to Connecticut to meet the family. It turns out Bunny’s family are a somewhat eccentric bunch which seems to make Sam and Dean feel a bit awkward and there’s still no clue to how Bobby and Bunny seemed to have known each other. The butler pulls the brothers aside and tells them they don’t have to stay the weekend to be forced to socialise with the family, so he hands them an envelope containing what appears to be a crucifix with rubies. Thinking it’s worth some kind of small fortune Dean takes it to have it valued but it turns out it’s a fake and also a key. When they realise they have no idea what the key actually opens Sam and Dean decide to head back to the mansion to spend some more time with Bunny’s family.


Upon arrival they’re struck by the reality that Stan, the younger brother of Bunny has been murdered and someone claim’s a ghost killed him which make Sam and Dean decide to stay to investigate as they’re all placed under arrest by a police officer and can’t leave the premises anyway. Whilst investigating, Dean finds a hidden chamber which is unlocked by the key Bunny left to Bobby. Dean stumbles onto the body of a dead maid, Colette and he also runs into the other maid Olivia who tells him Colette was killed by the ghost of Bunny and that the Butler is the one responsible for hiding the body and locking the dead maid and Olivia in the attic.

In an attempt to find out more information Sam runs into one of the LaCroix women, Debra who tries to seduce Sam and whilst Sam isn’t all too impressed and quite creeped out by it, he goes along with it to see if he can possibly get any more information but winds up being unsuccessful and made all the more uncomfortable by the far too intimate situation. On the other side of the mansion, Dean eventually finds Philip, the butler and gets him to confess what’s going on and why he’s hiding dead maids in the attic and whilst he is talking to Philip he gets sent a text message from Sam explaining that he has just found Philip dead. This makes them realise that they are not dealing with ghosts but that they have a shapeshifter amongst them.

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“I guess we can rule out the butler did it.”

Sam and Dean manage to find the real dead butler as well as Olivia the made who understandably freaks out but agrees to help Sam and Dean find the responsible killer. They get the silverware for protection and to find out who the real shifter is but when nobody reacts to the silver they suspect something is wrong and eventually find out that the silver is fake so therefore the shifter is still on the run and could be literally anyone. Just as this surfaces there is a second murder, the detective is found dead in the toilet seat which makes the rest of the LaCroix family suspect Sam and Dean to be the responsible and locks them in a different know. It soon turns out they shouldn’t have done that becomes the real murderer soon reveals herself – Olivia, the maid. Olivia explains that she is in fact Bunny’s illegitimate daughter, locked away in the attic because her father was a shapeshifter. This is where Bobby comes in – he was the one killed Olivia’s father and then went after Olivia but agreed to spare her life on the condition to keep her locked up in the attic. Eventually, they manage to kill Olivia before she kills anyone else.

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“Don’t you know? If it’s not the butler it’s the maid.”

What I did like about this episode is how it made me miss Bobby. The fact that they referred to Bobby as their surrogate dad was heartfelt and it was clear that they still miss him and that talking about him is still painful. Even though Bobby’s dead it was brilliant to still hear more about his backstory which made it feel like he is still important to the show and to Sam and Dean to not be entirely written out. Even though I generally really disliked this episode there were some highlights of it and more than anything I think it just served as a filler between the 200th episode and getting back on track with the main story arc. Shapeshifters have been done so many times over the years that I feel like the writers could have put a lot more of an effort to either bring in another creature altogether or make it a better episode than what it was. I did like that towards the end when Dean shot Olivia he went overboard and used several shots instead of just one which worried Sam and suggests that maybe the effect the mark of Cain has on Dean is starting to show. We’ll have to tune into next week’s episode to find out.

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