This week, we traveled to a loft full of hipster adults and the elusive strip club, Pickles, in the latest installment of “Bob’s Burgers”. “Land of the Loft”, season 10 episode 7, started slow and didn’t feel as though there was any action/ suspense waiting in the wings but things quickly took a turn. After meeting an interesting couple, Bob and Linda decide to ditch the boring routine of nuclear domestic life by going to a late night party.

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Everything starts with the introduction of a new couple. Aside from Teddy being jealous, the two couples make decent small talk leading up to an invitation. As a last minute decision, Bob and Linda opt to go to the party  to spice things up and everything starts of well as they begin to meet a lot of interesting characters (we will most likely not see again) but the evening takes a turn.

Meanwhile, the kids get their usual non-Tina babysitter, Jen, and she brought an interesting new thing with her. Despite the rain and low temperature the kids choose to trick their naive babysitter into taking them for a drive in an ice cream truck. However, much like their parents, things don’t go according to plan. As mentioned before, the bad weather has been going on for some time resulting in the roads freezing over. This leaves the kids and Jen trapped in a heat-less truck and the side of the road in less than ideal conditions.

Everything stated above leads to the Belcher family reuniting at the town male strip club, Pickles. This location has been mentioned before in at least one previous episode the continuity was greatly appreciated by long term fans of the show. It was also confirmed that they do offer good pickles as food to the customers.

We felt “Land of the Loft” had an overall good composition with the story line and their transition into each other. Fans went into the show not knowing what to expect as the sense of danger was there but many times in this series its a guessing game as to how it will play out. There was a decent number of elements brought in from the past and the introduction of new characters. On the other hand, we felt like this episode was a new product by taking the concept of “Lorenzo’s Oil? No, Linda’s” and “The Cook, the Steve, the Gayle, & Her Lover”. Some may find this as a draw back but we thought it was a fun, creative way to put a new spin on relate-able concepts, situations and feelings.

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Photo Source: Bob’s Burgers – FOX

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