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Jasmine talks about: Supernatural 200th Special – Fan Fiction

I have so many feels after the 200th episode special that I’m still in shock and not entirely sure where to begin. I’ll be honest; I had my doubts when they first said musical.I didn’t expect to like it but it I can honestly say that this is without a doubt the best episode of Supernatural I have ever seen.

As opposed to being merely a tribute to the show itself, what this 200th episode really felt like to me was that it was a tribute and a thank you to us, the fans that have stood by the show and watched it season after season and in the most humble way. The writers really could not have done it any better even if they tried. The Supernatural cast have always had a very different relationship to the fandom and their fans than a lot of other shows. They interact with them on a more personal level and they don’t just treat them as people who contribute to their pay checks. I don’t know if any of you guys went to SDCC this year (I didn’t sadly but my time will come) but amongst other things Misha Collins personally bought hundreds of cups of coffee for everyone who were queuing for hours to see the SPN panel. He did not have to do it, but he still did and that says a lot about the way they value the fans and this episode, despite the lack of Misha in it.

Now let’s talk about the episode itself. It starts off with a glimpse of a high school production of Supernatural – the Musical staged at an all-girls high school. After threatening to shut the show down, the drama teacher mysteriously disappears which brings Sam and Dean to investigate it. Little do they know they’re actually about to stumble into the musical based on their life. There were many fabulous and memorable moments in this episode for instance Dean totally losing his cool and his cover as an FBI agent when they first walk into rehearsals of the show. It’s always nice to hear a bit more of the brothers’ backstory as there’s still a lot of things we’ve yet to uncover. We find out in this episode that Sam was a ‘theatre-geek’ in High School and that Dean (no surprise) hates musicals.

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After investigating the set, checking for EMFs and searching for cursed objects, they end up with no evidence that suggests there is any supernatural or weird (besides the show itself) going on at the school until one of the cast members disappears in the same way the drama teacher did after once again threatening to shut the production down. The only difference this time being that Marie, the production’s writer/director, witnesses the disappearance and tells them the show’s prop scarecrow had come to life and took her friend. Upon telling Sam and Dean, they come to the conclusion that the creature responsible for the disappearances must be a tulpa which is something the brothers haven’t been up against since their first run in with the Ghostfacers way back in Season 1. After burning the scarecrow prop thinking that’ll do the trick, they realise the true villain is a Greek goddess, a muse, called Calliope. Calliope plans to devour (literally) the author after the her vision has been realised so to stop Calliope they have to let the show go on so they can trap her and then kill her before Marie’s life is put in danger.

Mentions of Destiel and a song called ‘I’ll wait right here’ dedicated to it (which Sam cannot stop making fun of, much to Dean’s annoyance) Wincest, fan fiction, meta-plot and so much other terminology which has become such a huge part of this fandom for years made this episode a brilliant watch.  The songs, as cheesy as they were still good and the actors sung it all really well. I mean can you even imagine being a teenager, guest starring in this episode and having to perform all of these songs in front of Jared and Jensen? It surely must be terrifying beyond anything but they all did a good job. The ballad cover of Carry on Wayward Son at the very end gave me chills and you could see the look in Sam and Dean’s eyes when they watch the kids sing. Dean is almost in tears and Sammy is stunned and you can tell they’re just so humbled, proud, and don’t really know what to do with their feels. The entire clip of that last song gave me chills and emotions that I have not had or felt in this show for a very long time. Once again, this was an episode that showed how much Dean loves kids and how good he is with them and then ending up actually genuinely enjoying the musical. Never in my life did I expect to hear Dean quote RENT with such a passion like it is the only thing he’s watched in his life.

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I’m saving the favourite bit for last though. I don’t know if you all paid attention, but after the credits rolled in the very final scene Marie is told that the ticket she reserved for the publisher was taken and that he is standing on the stairs waiting to talk to her. Excited and nervous she runs up to greet the publisher, asks him what he thought of the production and as the camera turns so that we can see the publisher’s face, we’re met with an all too familiar and well missed old friend.

Chuck is back.

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