What we want to see this special…

1) The return of Clara and Danny Pink. We are still unsure on how they will have grandchild without a child to begin.

2) Give us a bit of Gallifrey and its location in the special.

3) Elves! Let us see Santa’s Elves helping The Doctor or being the one in need of help.

4) A reason for why The 12th Doctor looks just like Caecilius and John Frobisher.

5) The Master. We never saw the Missy regenerate so we still hope for that.

6) A winter/cold type villain such as the Ice Warriors.

7) Have the Doctor travel with Santa delivering gifts around the globe.

8) A Cameo from other holiday theme chachters like the Easter Bunny

9) Building a snowman with the Fourth Doctor Scarf and a Fez