In this episode of 9-1-1, Denny’s secret is brought to light, Buck has gained a new “superpower,” and Maddie and Chimney ask for Bobby and Athena’s detective skills when they are wary of a new neighbor.

The 118 prepare to perform a rescue at the call. Hen is carrying a med bag. The fire engine can be seen behind them.

The episode kicked off at a cycling class where a new tummy tea has hit the market, and it is causing the cyclers to have acute niacin toxicity. This is where Buck’s new “superpower” is revealed as he does the math in his head to figure out the correct amount that the cyclers should’ve drank. Speaking of working out, Bobby has started to run more again, and Athena decides to join him by the end of the episode. He mentions that Wendell always thought it would have been good for him to go running, and he’s doing it to honor him in some way.

Bobby and Athena eventually end up at Maddie and Chimney’s after suspicions rise about their new neighbor. Rightfully so since their neighbor turned out to not actually be who she claimed. Instead, she was a coupon forger who had just done time for the same crime. Bringing Bobby and Athena, the show’s ultimate detectives, was an excellent choice, and it also let us see a dynamic that we don’t really see much.

Meanwhile, at the Wilson’s house, Chimney and Denny are having a nice chat about what forgiveness can mean for people. This season has shown Chimney working through the process of forgiving his father, while Denny has tried to reconnect with his own birth father. It really highlights the fact that Chimney is forgiving his father for himself, which connects to Denny wanting a relationship with his own for himself. It’s also nice anytime we get to see the kids of the 118 connecting with the adults.

Bobby and Hen tend to a young girl with a water allergy.

Speaking of the kids, Eddie and his kid, Christopher, are hanging out at Buck’s place. It is this moment that forces Eddie to research more about what getting struck by lightning can do for people prompting a conversation about superpowers, messing with the electricity, and newfound cognitive abilities. When Chris mentions that Buck could give him answers to his homework, Buck has a moment where he says that he’s the guy with the answers, and he likes that. This is a callback to an earlier moment in the season where Buck was obviously searching for all the answers and not really coming up with much.

Due to his newfound math ability, Eddie takes Buck to an underground poker ring ran by the fire chief just to test his abilities, even mentioning the potential of taking it to Las Vegas. Buck, unfortunately, gives himself away when he wins every single round, and he looked extremely happy while doing it. It was nice to see him let loose after worrying so much after his accident. After that, Buck decides to use his skills for simpler things like baking cookies with Christopher.

In the most-serious storyline of the house, Hen and Karen find out that Denny has been hanging out with his birth father, Nathaniel, after he and Denny get into a car accident. Luckily, they’re both okay, but Nathaniel must stay in the hospital for a bit. It’s a difficult situation all around, and there are no true bad guys. Denny would never ever want to hurt his mothers, but he also wanted to know his father. It’s normal for a young boy, especially at his age, to have that desire. At the same time, Hen and Karen are only trying to protect Denny the best way they know how. They have valid reasons for being upset since Nathaniel didn’t tell them about any of the situation, even though he had so much time to do so. For months, they had been unaware of where exactly their child was and what was going on. Any parent would freak out over that. This is where Hen’s mother, Toni, comes in handy. She’s able to see the situation from the outside of it. She understands why Denny did what he did, and she also understands why Hen and Karen are reacting the way they are. After a conversation with Toni, Hen and Karen are both able to wrap their heads completely around it. They decide that Denny can see Nathaniel, but they need to set strong boundaries in order for him to do so.

Bobby and Hen continue to tend to the young girl with the wate allergy.

All in all, it was a solid hour of television for 9-1-1. 9-1-1 has a way of working in comedy alongside hints of seriousness that really brings the whole show together. This felt like a classic episode of the show, highlighting struggles while also bringing in the lighthearted moments as well. This episode was also really focused on family units and aspects of the show. Whether that was on the calls or in the 118’s personal lives, it’s always nice to see.