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Glee Says Goodbye to Finn

Glee Finn Goodbye
Source: FOX // Glee

Grab some tissues because tonight will be a hard one. We finally get to say goodbye to Finn Hudson. Glee has become one of my guiltiest pleasures over the last few years. At first, it was just a simple show that the kids I nannied watched. Then it became a weekly DVR recording after I became attached to the characters.  I was always rooting for Finchel, and it saddens me to know they will never be. Tonight will be hard but we will get through it together. We’ve been mourning the loss of Cory for a few months now, but we finally must close this chapter.  Thank you Finn for showing us that it was cool to be different. That you could be both a jock and a dork, and that at the end of the day you always should have your friend’s back.  Your life may have been short, but you have made a profound difference in the lives of Gleeks everywhere.  Don’t ever stop believing.

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