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Episode Synopsis:

Over a drunken power lunch, Jess and Cece decide to stand up to Russell and demand Jess be given more responsibility in her new job. Meanwhile, Nick struggles to come up with ideas for a new book and Schmidt is desperate to get Ruth to sleep.


Women’s Equality

Jess’s storyline in this episode, discussed very relevant topics to what’s going on in today’s society and even though there was a big misunderstanding in the end, Jess and Cece’s discussion during lunch, hit some touchy subjects. I feel like on TV nowadays, writers are incorporating the subjects like the Me Too movement and gender equality to make their characters relevant in this day and age. In this case, Jess was feeling like she was doing Russell’s busy work and not being invited to participate in Russell’s “Tuesday meetings.” Even though the gender equality issue was being talked about in a somewhat comedic way, it was interesting to see what Jess and Cece were going through in the workplace. Cece talked about how the system is broken and made a lot of valid points about women not being invited to important meetings and how she specifically had to deal with a group of men in a meeting, while she was breast pumping. Sadly, the head of the agency that merged with her company, wouldn’t change the time of the meeting they were going to have, so she ended up breast pumping during the meeting. This relates a lot to issues we’ve seen about women having to either breast pump or breast feed their babies whenever they can and if they end up doing it in public, people are usually extremely uncomfortable with the act and the mother is shown as the bad guy for feeding their baby in public. But although the girls talked about their issues and mostly about Jess’s issue at Russell’s work, they decided to fix the problem, and march into Russell’s office and attend the meeting. Funnily enough, the “meeting,” ended up being a support group of divorced fathers. Thankfully, everything ended up great in the end, because things were sorted out with Russell, and all along, he was having trouble with his trust issues and really wanted to make sure Jess was going to succeed at her new job. But enough about the serious matters; can we talk about how hilarious Cece was during the entire episode! Even though her and Jess were talking about some important issues, she kept if light by getting completely wasted at their lunch. Hannah was spot on with her performance and her reactions to everything was perfection.

Three Men and a Baby

On the flip side of the women’s issues, the men were having their own problems. First of all, Nick was freaking out because his continuation with the Pepperwood Chronicles seemed like it was pretty much done. It’s kind of sad to see that storyline go because Pepperwood is a fan favorite, but I guess to be real about the situation, Nick needs to come up with a new story. Sadly, Nick seems like he’s returning to his usual self and having a serious case of writer’s block. We did get a glimmer of hope, when he was talking about his life to Ruth, but when Winston and Schmidt gave Nick the pen and paper to write his ideas about the hobo, I don’t know how that story would go. And while Nick was struggling, Schmidt was trying his hardest to get Ruth to go to sleep and Winston was watching Three Men and a Baby. Yet again, I don’t know what to think of Ruth as a character. I know she has to be part of the episodes now because she’s Schmidt and Cece’s daughter, but I feel like she’s really an afterthought. She did make me chuckle a few times during the episode, especially when she was with Nick, but I was so tired of her by the end. I needed her to go to sleep, so that we could further the storylines of the other characters. Winston’s storyline was pretty much a filler because he was just there for comedic purposes and also didn’t really contribute much to the episode this time. It just kills me inside a little because we only have eight episodes in this season, and we can’t be having filler episodes with such little time to further character archs along.