Source: EW.Com

The issues that plagued the final 3-4 seasons of the original “The X-Files” incarnate blasted into the finale of the revival. All of the elements for something globally catastrophic were there…and the ball was massively dropped by Carter & Co. because of a lack of interaction between Scully and Mulder.

The fans have always flocked to the show (past and present) due in part to the chemistry of the leads. Not to mention, the ever present “eyes in the sky” of assistant director Skinner (CRIMINALLY underutilized) all meshed together so fluidly and without a hitch within the mythology and standalone arcs. So why, why, WHY would this season finale have Scully and Mulder apart for 98.7% of the episode? Instead we were “treated” to 50+ minutes of the acerbic and tart-tongued agent Einstein (I implore the writers to not bring back Lauren Ambrose-she is not welcome in my X-Files land). In another throwaway move, agent Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish) was also cast into the fray for NO APPARENT REASON.

An apocalyptic breakout of anthrax-related illnesses and our heroes are not together and not able to solve the problem in tandem. It was beyond frustrating, beyond irritating and beyond the usual copout of a normal television series. Add in the fact that Scully and Mulder’s child William is the apparent key to saving humankind…and we the viewer don’t find this out until the last 30 seconds of the finale.

My hope is Fox Network takes the leap and brings “The X-Files” back for a limited series season 11. I believe 10-12 episodes will create better pacing and overall flow. Let’s hope that our favorite sci-fi show pulls through and gives we the people what we want.