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Scorpion 2×16 Review

After my weeks of complaining about the central case plots in recent Scorpion episodes, I finally got the episode that I was waiting for. 2×16 Fractured was as funny and heartfelt as it was dramatic and thought out, and I...

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Scorpion 2.13 Review

Team Scorpion kicked of the new year just as anyone would want to — almost freezing to death in the Antarctic tundra. Yes, Scorpion’s first episode of the year, “White Out”, was so named because in an attempt to help American...

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Scorpion Season 1 Recap!

CBS landed a hit last fall with the inaugural season of Scorpion, the show based on a true story about a team of high intelligence personal headed by real-life genius computer analyst Walter O’Brien (IQ 197). Though Scorpion had...

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