X-Files is a Fox Network sci-fi TV drama that centers around FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who investigate unsolved mysteries with a paranormal twist. The original show aired from September 10th, 1993 to May 19th, 2002. Fans were delighted when the 10th season was announced and a six episode season started January 24th, 2016. On April 20th, 2017, Fox announced an 11th season due to start airing January 3rd, 2018. In honor of the new season, I have found for you the coolest merchandise for the X-Files lover in your life. .

Of course you have to have start with Tee Shirts! But what’s even cooler is these particular shirts come with exclusive stickers as well. Choose from the X-Files Logo,  Scully & Mulder, or the UFO Shirt.

Need a place to store classified information? You can carry around your very own X-File Case File to keep important observations in.

Get your mini me started early with this X-Files onesie or even this X-Files Picture Book!

Show everyone you’re a believer with this decal on your car.

Decorate your Christmas tree with musical Mulder and Scully ornament.

Cosplay help in the form of a Scully ID on a lanyard or Mulder ID badge

Just in case you collect Funko pops, they have the whole X-Files set available here!

If you’re in the mood have fun binge watching, I’ve found the complete X-Files series with this set along with Season 10 as well. Don’t forget both movies too!

Let me know what you’ve purchased from the X-Files fandom recently in the comments!