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Sisyphus and The Prisoner

When it’s times are tough, it can seem like our lives are not much different than Sisyphus’s infinite task. Daily, we find ourselves pushing our own boulders up a hill with the hope that someday we might roll it over the other side. Unlike Sisyphus though, sometimes the temptation to give up on achieving our goals is so strong that we wonder, ‘Why do I even try? It’s never going to happen for me.’

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Marvel’s Unluckiest Irish Superhero Needs A Fresh Start

In the summer of 1982, Marvel released a three-issue limited event series called “The Contest of Champions.” Universe-spanning Marvel Comics events are pretty common these days, but this event was the one that started it all.

One of the new characters that came from the series was female Irish superhero Shamrock. These days, she’s found on various “Where Are They Now?” lists, with pretty unfavorable criticisms of her character. And when I dug into the source material to find out what happened with this character, I found a much stronger and conflicted hero than I thought I would find.

With Marvel launching it’s Fresh Start this year and revamping its classic heroes. I’d like to throw Shamrock’s name in the ring for a new beginning.

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5 Non-Superhero Graphic Novels to Read for National Day of Unplugging

So what’s a tech-junkie like myself to do on a day unplugged from all the knowledge of the world? Well, I plan to catch up on my reading and if you’re looking for some non-superhero graphic novels to read during your temporary release from the electronic coil, here are a handful of my favorites.

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Will Eisner: A Contract with God and Alice

In 1969, something wasn’t right with Will Eisner’s daughter Alice. The family grew concerned there was something much more serious going on than just the seasonal cold or flu. Alice was taken to the doctor to find out what was causing all these symptoms. Unfortunately, when the results came back, the diagnosis was leukemia.

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Review: Evil Dead Revision

The most recent addition to this collection of Evil Dead remixes is Jorge Torres-Torres’s 72-minute black and white supercut: Evil Dead Revision—and it’s awesome.

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