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Fanboy and Harry #3

Fanboy practices his conversational skills for the ladies.

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Fanboy and Harry #2

Use the force fanboy… use the force…

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Fanboy and Harry #1

Do Jedi mind tricks work on bullies?

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Emotional Structures in Kurosawa’s Ikiru

One of my favorite scenes from this film occurs nearly halfway through and just before the protagonist dies. Watanabe (Takashi Shimura) has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and given roughly six months to live. Initially, after hearing the news, he attempts to kill himself through expensive indulgences with women, drinking, and gambling. He is unsuccessful in ending his life and continues on living and sulking in his misery and sorrow wondering what it all means now that he’s about to die.

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The Silver Surfer: Hope on a Surfboard

As I’ve always said, “Good artists borrow; great artists steal,” and Marvel’s been doing this for years—sometimes not even bothering to change the name—yes Thor, I’m looking at you. But sometimes they’re creations end up resembling mythologies, religious symbols, or old campfire stories by happenstance simply because that’s where the story needs to go. It needed to be a story about hope.

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