Welcome back to Young Sheldon! I’ll be working on the episodes as they’re released, now that the Olympics have finished up. Let’s see what the Cooper family got up to this week.

Things Have Changed

At a church function, the family meets the Pastor Jeff’s beautiful latina wife who clearly wishes she wasn’t living the small-time American life. The Pastor asks Mary to fill in for the secretary who has gone to rehab. She is excited to accept but George wonders who’s going to take care of the twins, especially when Meemaw says hell no to 5 days a week of babysitting. Mary decides the job isn’t so important but George wants her to succeed so they agree that the two youngn’s will be fine on their own. It’s only a couple hours a day, what could go wrong?

Mary The Working Lady

Mary is excited to begin working but doesn’t leave the house without making sure the twins know all the emergency info, including where the fire extinguisher is. Once at work Mary has a less than steller welcoming from the chimney-smoking receptionist and the anxious Pastor. It seems that the Pastor is having financial and marital problems with his wife. He may have told her that he had a large stash of money and she has no issue taking advantage of that. Unfortunately, the Pastor does not have that type of money. For the rest of the scenes where Mary’s at work, she’s reluctantly playing therapist. By the end, Mary simply prays to have the strength to not spread the juicy gossip of the Pastor.

Home Alone

Once the twins get the door open on their first day home by themselves, it’s as if they’ve stepped into a new world. Scratch that, I think they could’ve done a lot better at making the kids seem excited about being home alone. Even if Sheldon would have been perfectly behaved, they make it seem like Missy would have been a huge trouble-maker. Alas, the two begin their afternoon with snacks and homework. Meemaw speaks in but all Missy and Sheldon see is someone sneaking into the backyard and sneaking into the house. Armed and ready, they defend the house with the fire extinguisher and a broom. The kids say they need to do this on their own.

Sheldon gets a splinter and they have to venture to their parents’ room in order to find tweezers. Sheldon doesn’t dare step into his parents’ room but Missy happily obliges. She opens the bedside drawer and again, I was expecting a comedic twist about finding something inappropriate but instead, the phone rings shocking both kids. Abandoning the search for tweezers, to Sheldon’s dismay, they try to get rid of the splinter with a needle. Eventually, with a bottle of Jim Bean as a sterilizer and tweezers from the classic board game Operation, they manage to get the splinter out.

The main issue I had with this episode is that it didn’t really take the audience anywhere. My favourite episodes so far have explained some of Sheldon’s finer quirks but in this episode, Missy and Sheldon’s story-line could have been part of any sitcom. Was this simply to introduce Mary as having a job? They didn’t explain that either or give any indication that she is going to keep it. I guess we’ll find out next week!