Hi guys, I am back with another book review. This time, I read A Vampire Bewitched by L.E. Wilson. It is book one in the Deathless Night series. I found her on Kindle after Stuff Your Kindle Day, and we will discuss that in a minute. Unfortunately, though, the book series is not on Kindle Unlimited. You’re gonna have to buy this one. I legitimately pouted about that.

Ok, ok. Why am I the last to know about Stuff Your Kindle Day?! Well, actually, my sister-in-law is the last to know. I told her about it after I found out. So, Stuff Your Kindle Day is a day to get books for free on your Kindle or other Ereader, such as a tablet or phone. Books you find on KU go for free, or even authors who don’t appear on KU will put books on there. This book and author are an example. However, I understand that I won’t see authors like Sarah J Maas or Jim Butcher on there. But hey, free books are free books, and with the way I read, it will be nice to have a new library. It happens four times a year. The last one was on September 20, 2023, and the next one will be on December 27, 2023. You can find information about it on the Romance Bookworms website. For those of you who do audiobooks, there is a Stuff Your Earbuds Day. Audiobooks don’t work for me, unfortunately though. I wish they did, but between my hearing not being great and my ADHD, I can’t use them. But I digress. The next Stuff Your Earbuds Day is November 30th, 2023, and you can find more information at the Romance AudioBookworms website.

Alright now, on to the book review. We meet Emma Moss, who lives a boring life after the abduction of her sister Keira and the death of her parents. She goes to work, the gym, and home, and that’s it. She dresses modestly and doesn’t date. She also doesn’t like the dark or looking at herself in the mirror. Odd things happen here or there, such as things launching at people from out of nowhere when she is upset, but that could be ignored. Right? It’s not like she’s a witch or anything. She was desperate to find her sister, though. The police aren’t helping, and she isn’t a detective.

Enter Nikulas, a centuries-old, huge (in every sense of the word), sexy vampire looking for Emma. Nik’s brother, Luukas, was abducted the same night as Emma’s sister. He has been looking for his brother for seven years, and with a similar sense of desperation as Emma, he wants to get his brother back. Not only is Luukas Nik’s brother, but he is also the Master of their clan. He knows the two missing siblings are linked somehow. The vampire Leeha needed a powerful witch’s help, and the sisters descended from a line of powerful witches.

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Nik is kind of an odd duck in his clan, and I will let you figure out why when you read the book. I’m not sure if it helps or hurts the book or if it’s a complete non-issue. I like Nik. He is well-written as the tortured hero, though he has zero self-control. In meeting Nik, we also meet Aiden and him, and I am not sure if I love him or want to smack him. At one point, his loyalty is called into question, and I am still looking for a satisfactory answer to that query, hence why I want to smack him. He is sweet to Emma and incredibly protective of Nikulas. We don’t get to know Christian, Dante, and Shea, but we meet them. In a roundabout way, because of Nik, we meet some Scottish werewolves, and I want to know more about them.

Emma is an adorable spitfire with no sense of self-preservation. She wants to have complete control of her life for good reason. She has issues and isn’t perfect looking, as we see with many female main characters, but she brings Nik to his knees nonetheless.

Each person has a clear voice, and the accents are believable, at least to me. Plus, each person was different. I have read books that the characters are copied and pasted or very close to it, but I didn’t completely read those books. This book has a spice level of about 3 or 3.5 chilies out of 5. I gotta find chili pictures for these reviews. This does have two instances of attempted sexual assault, so if that is a no-go for you, skip this book.

Have you read A Vampire Bewitched or anything else by L.E. Wilson? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!