San Diego Comic Con 2023

Dragon Prince lovers have been waiting patiently since November 2022 and are excited for the release of season 5 this July 2023.

Fans were thrilled when they found out the show had its own panel this year during the San Diego Comic Con.

The show The Dragon Prince has really evolved since season 1. The relationships between characters have become stronger and as real as they can be in a fantasy series. Many characters have advanced and grown throughout the seasons, which fans have loved to watch unfold.

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The Panel

Writers and creators of the show were greeted by a full room of fans. The panelists Aaron Ehasz, Justin Richmond, Villads Spangsberg, and Paula Burrows were interviewed by Hailey Karter from Cartoon Universe.

During the panel pirates attacked! 

Paula Burrows (the voice of Raila) and her co-star Boone Williams were dressed as pirates. Williams is the voice of a new character of the show named Astrid. They were persistent and demanded things like a signed copy of Puzzle House and episode one of the new season. Fans in attendance at the panel were surprised and delighted by the demand. Everyone in the room during the SDCC got to watch the first episode!

Writers and producers also released a few new images from the show. They are most likely from the season in its entirety and not just from episode one.

Image 1: Callum looking at Finagrin

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Image 2: King Azerin

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Image 3: The blood moon huntress, Kim’dael

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The panel wrapped up with an interesting Q & A session.

One person asked, “will there be another dragon egg?” They replied, “No comment”, which I think pretty much means yes. But we will have to wait and find out.

Someone else asked, “Is there another time skip and anything about R and C in the future?” They replied, “yes there is a story that takes place after some time”.

Fan’s eyes got wide when they saw the images and wanted to ask lots of questions. But as you know, with things like this, writers and producers have their lips sealed.

The New Season

The new season of The Dragon Prince finds Callum, Rayla, Ezran, and Soren in a race to reach the prison of Aaravos. Claudia is on a mission to set the notorious Startouch Elf free in the hopes of saving her father, Viren. Callum, Rayla, Ezran, and Soren will need help from all allies to stop the release of the immensely powerful magic user. Spangsberg, director and producer of The Dragon Prince, shared his excitement for this season during the panel telling fans that the series really starts to take off in season 5.

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Zadia is a vast world with so much history, The writers and creators of The Dragon Prince continue to build the mythology and inspire fans with every episode. 

I hope that you all enjoy the new season and continue to be in awe.