Loki is back! Two years after the first season premiered on Disney+, Loki will return on October 6th with six new episodes. October feels like the perfect time for the god of mischief’s return. Loki may not like Midgardians very much, but he would definitely love our Halloween—and its preceding Mischief Night, of course!

Just the first twenty seconds of Loki’s season two trailer generate enough hype to last us until October. Mobius and Loki visit some kind of time expert, and it’s none other than Ke Huy Quan! The Everything Everywhere All at Once Oscar-winner brings his signature smile and plenty of enthusiasm to this new character. I’m already excited to see what kind of relationship Quan’s role will forge with Mobius and Loki.

Another new—and somewhat mysterious—character shown in the trailer is a brown-haired, suited, white-scarf-wearing gentleman, played by Rafael Casal. Casal’s name is buried nearly at the bottom of Loki’s cast list on IMDb, and even then, his character is unnamed. Given how careful and secretive Marvel is when it comes to potential spoilers, it’s safe to presume that Casal’s character will either be a recognizable name from the comics or an exciting new creation of the creative team. He certainly gives off an air of suspicion, perhaps even villainy, in the few seconds we see Loki interact with him.

Plenty of returning characters from season one can also be seen in Loki’s new trailer. Sylvie, Ravonna Renslayer, Hunter B-15, and Miss Minutes will all be a part of season two in October. With Loki seemingly “time slipping” through various eras, it will be interesting to see the variants of these other characters featured in their respective time periods.

Then, of course, there is the matter of Jonathan Majors’s Kang the Conqueror. Revealed to be a powerful being known as He Who Remains in the season one finale of Loki, Kang went on to be the primary villain of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Despite the controversy surrounding Majors in real life, it seems that Marvel is currently supporting him, featuring him in the new Loki trailer and implying that he will still be the overarching villain of the MCU’s Phase Five.

Loki debuted as the gold standard for Marvel villains back in Phase One. Seeing him continue on his path to heroism—or at least anti-heroism—will be a rewarding experience for fans, whether they have been there since the beginning or are just now catching “Loki Fever.” Season two of Loki promises even more magic from the god of mischief than season one. Slinging his signature knives, casting shadow-like bonds on Rafael Casal’s character, duplicating himself—all of his abilities can be summed up by that flash of green in his eyes just past the one minute and thirty-second mark. This is the Loki we know and love from The Avengers days, powerful, confident, and dangerous. Who knows what he will accomplish when these qualities are used to serve the greater good?

All of these revelations in the trailer for Loki’s second season are accompanied by Natalie Holt’s distinct soundtrack for the show. With an eerie, sci-fi-like melody and a bass line that echoes season one’s recurring theme, it perfectly captures the essence of what we can expect from October’s episodes: adventure, peril, and the feeling that something at work here—in the TVA, or the multiverse at large—is just slightly off. I can’t wait to see how things pan out for our favorite god of mischief.