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Mercury, his Greek equivalent is Hermes, and is the Messenger of the Gods. He holds a number of other hats as well. His transition from Greek mythology to Roman mythology didn’t change him too much. He was much like many other male Roman male gods, a terminal playboy. The Greek gods, too, for that matter. Not as bad as Jupiter, but I don’t think anyone else is that bad.

Mercury ruled over athletes, eloquence, interpreting, translating, wealth, commerce, fertility, thievery, and even good fortune. He brought the souls of the dead to the Underworld and was even considered a god of sleep. Some believe he carries the dreams from the valley of Somnus to sleeping humans for Morpheus. He was also known as the Keeper of Boundaries. He is certainly a busy guy. Good thing he has wings on his feet. Do you think that’s even better than having light-up shoes? Do they make you faster?

Mercury, of course, being a god, is a beautiful man. He is often depicted wearing a petasos which is a broad-brimmed, winged traveler’s hat, and his winged sandals known as a talaria while carrying the Herald’s Staff (caduceus). Animals that are sacred to him are the tortoise, rooster, and the ram.

Source Smite

Mercury’s father is Jupiter (Zeus), and his mother is the nymph, Maia. Maia is a cloud goddess and a Pleiade. Pleiades are also known as Atlantides. The Pleiades are the seven daughters of the titan Atlas. Mercury’s official wife is Larunda. With Larunda, he had two daughters, the Lares, household goddesses. Mercury also had children with three other women. With Venus (Aphrodite), he has four, Suada, Fortuna, Eunomia, and Hermaphroditus. Suada is the goddess of charming speech. Fortuna is the goddess of both good and bad fortune. Eunomia is the goddess of good order. Lastly, Hermaphroditus who, according to Ovid, had both masculine and feminine traits. With Penelope, he had Faunus (Pan). With Khione, he had Autolycus, who fathered Laertes, who fathered the famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) Ulysses.

Stole a herd of cows from his brother Phoebus (Apollo), the sun god, in less than a day after he was born. He even knew how to cover his tracks. When Phoebus caught up with Mercury (the cows were nowhere in sight) and questioned him, Mercury said he didn’t do it. Eventually, they made up. Mercury gave Phoebus the instrument he just invented, the lyre, and Phoebus gave Mercury the caduceus, or Herald’s Staff. With the newly made instrument, Phoebus made the most beautiful music. When Mercury made the lyre, he made a set of pipes that would eventually be given to his son, Pan.

Mercury does seem to wear a lot of hats. However, none of them seem particularly well lent to battles. Unless it’s to carry orders to others on the team. What do you think of Mercury? Either as the god or as a playable character. Let me know in the comics below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!