Last year we covered Junji ito’s panel at San Diego Comic Con, where he discussed the upcoming release of Sensor. This year he was back again with even more things to captivate fans and strangers alike.

While last year’s event was more of an interview, this year had Junji Ito arguably take center stage with the presentation of his work.

What Was On This Year?

Welcome to the Ito Verse: Junji Ito was pure celebration of Ito’s artwork. The exhibition was the biggest exhibit Ito has done in North America, with over 100 pieces of artwork on display.

Source: VIZ | @VIZMedia on Twitter

The exhibit is at Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Torrey Pines Rooms 1-2. It is only able to hold 100 people at a time, though is open Thursday to Sunday at different times. You can find the exact times here if you’re planning a list minute visit!

There was also another interview with the master Junji Ito himself. In this, he discussed his fears and inspirations behind his work and what motivates him to create some of the most compelling horror manga.

Should We Expect Anything New from Ito?

Fans rejoice! SDCC was the announcement place for Ito’s newest series: Uzumaki. While this series was announced years ago in 2019, there has been no other information shared. However, this has now changed.

While this is only a trailer, and we still have no exact date, it’s a step closer to its release. While originally set to release in 2022, snippets of the trailer have suggested that it has been long worth the wait.

It has been shown to be in the black and white style of the original Uzumaki manga, with smooth and seamless animation like the pages themselves have come to life. While it is a long wait, it definitely looks like something worth waiting for.

Source: VLordGTZ | Twitter

The show is in production with Toonami, Junji Ito and will be airing on Adult Swim when ready.

But it wasn’t just a celebration for fans. Junji Ito himself also won the Inkpot Award. This award has been an annual tradition from SDCC since 1974. The award is given to “individuals for their contributions to the worlds of comics, science fiction/fantasy, film, television, animation, and fandom services”.

Are you excited to Uzumaki? Were you lucky enough to have met the master of horror manga yourself? Let us know your experiences in the comment section below!