TGON Plays: Telekinetic Girl!


Hey guys! In lieu of a console-based TGON Plays this week, we at TGON decided to give you all the details about a new, smartphone based game, “Telekinetic Girl!”  It’s a fan-made game based on the extremely popular Netflix show, “Stranger Things” Now, from what I understand, this is how you play:

– Tap to Jump

– Avoid the oncoming dangerous obstacles

– Get the highest score and compete with your friends

We had the pleasure of discussing the game with some of the people involved in its creation, and they told us that the first episode was created in two days a side project. What’s more is we were also informed that there are no ads and that it’s FREE to the community. A free no ads based smartphone game? Abso-freaking-lutely, sign us up!

So far, “Telekinetic Girl” is only available on iOS-based devices, but it should hit the android play stores soon. Be sure to check it out for yourselves, and let us know what YOU think of this game!


Author: CharlieQuinnAndTheNerds

One of those dastardly gay soulless gingers. 22 years old physically. I'm a writer, and a journalist/CCO for an organization called The Game Of Nerds. Look us up, we're literally everywhere. I promise I'm occasionally funny and when in the right light, unconventionally adorable. You can follow me as CharlieQuinn21 on Tumblr and CharlieQuinn21 on Twitter!

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