Welcome back to this weeks installment of ASOUE, The Vile Village. Below I have recapped this episode with everything you need to know! Comment below and tell me what your favorite part was in this weeks episode.

Mr. Poe drops the Baudelaire’s off at their new home.


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After the Baudelaire’s arrive at V.F.D. (Village of Fowl Devotees), they are told they will be raised by the entire village.

“It takes a village to raise a child.” – Mr. Poe

The Baudelaire children meet the Council of Elders.


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After arriving in the village, the Baudlaires are taken to the council of Elders. They learn that not only will they be doing the entire villages chores, but the council has rules for everything!

“Rule number 9833 states, no villains will be allowed within the city limits.” – Council Member

The children recognize Esme Squalor.


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While at the council, the children recognize the new chief of police as none other than Esme Squalor.

“You may call me Luciana, your new Chief of Police.” – Esme Squalor

 The V.F.D. follow Olaf’s troop to the Hinterlands.


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Jacque Snicket and Olivia the Librarian follow Count Olaf’s troop to the Hinterlands. There, they find him in the saloon and capture him using an old firehose.

“Is that a new hat? It makes your head look funny…” – Count Olaf

The children are sent to live with Handyman, Hector.

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The children follow the crows back to Hector’s barn. They realize that Hector may be afraid of a lot, but he is not afraid to break the village rules. He has built a “self-sustaining hot-air mobile home”.

“Rule number 67 states that no citizen is allowed to use or build mechanical devices.” – Hector

The Baudelaire’s receive a clue from the Quagmires.


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After receiving a clue from Duncan and Isadora, the Baudelaire’s think they could be in the Nevermore tree. Sadly, when the crows leave the tree, the children see the Quagmires are not there.

“The Baudelaire’s saw they were barking up the wrong tree.” – Lemony Snicket

The council announces Count Olaf’s capture.

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Photo Source: Snicket.wikia.com

After escaping from the V.F.D., Olaf disguises himself as Detective Dupont. They dress Jacque as Count Olaf and announce his capture to the village. The Baudelaire’s try to convince the Elders Jacque is not Olaf, but he has the same tattoo on his ankle.

“Count Olaf also has a tattoo of an eye on his left ankle.” – Mr. Poe

Olivia promises Esme the sugar bowl.


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Olivia promises Esme the sugar bowl, if Esme releases her and Jacque. Esme distracts Olaf with dancing while Olivia and Jacque sneak outside. Then Jacque sends Olivia to find Madame LuLu, but he is re-captured in the process.

“What have you done!?” – Count Olaf

Jacque Snickets’ life is in question.


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This episode ends with us not knowing if Jacque is alive or dead. What will become of him, or Olivia? Stay tuned for next weeks recap!