As more players continue to explore the world of Diablo IV, Blizzard Entertainment is making more changes to it so that it is more enjoyable for everyone to play. This is a positive sign for the future of Diablo IV and its longevity as a game that players will want to keep coming back to year after year. While most of the changes that have been made or announced are great, some others have players scratching their heads. Let’s jump into the positive and negative changes that will be coming to Diablo IV in the next few months.

Positive Diablo IV Updates and Changes

Probably the most exciting change that has been announced but has no set date is world tier 5. Currently, there are only four world tiers in Diablo IV. Once players reach the maximum world tier, there is not much incentive to continue to push harder content, level up to 100, get the best gear possible, or beat nightmare, Lilith. However, the addition of a world tier 5 would create an incentive for all these things and make the game much harder and more rewarding once in that elite tier 5 world. Therefore, this addition to the game is the single most important thing that will be in Diablo IV in the next several months.

Another big update that has been anticipated since the launch of Diablo IV is the addition of seasons. Nearly every Action Role Playing Game (ARPG) has seasonal content that is very popular within their community, and Diablo IV is no different. In an ARPG season, players start a new character and play through the game in any way they want in a race to beat the hardest content as fast as possible. There is generally a leaderboard involved so that players around the world can see who the best players at any given time are; a leaderboard of season one in Diablo is yet to be confirmed.

Season one for Diablo IV is set to go live in mid to late July of 2023, and with it comes several new features. The free and paid battle pass, another common feature in ARPGs, will go live upon the start of season one. With it will come ways to progress a seasonal character more easily, cosmetic items, and more; If you bought the early access edition of Diablo IV at the price of at least $90, you have access to the season one paid battle pass.

The other big update coming in season one is a Nightmare dungeon revamp. As the main and one of the only end-game ways of gearing up and making characters more power, Nightmare dungeons are a bit of a letdown in their current state. They will be receiving a big experience gain boost, increasing more with every increase in the level of difficulty, and using a Nightmare dungeon sigil will automatically teleport the player to the entrance of the dungeon. Depending on the player, this change will save hours or even days of playtime over the course of the season because players can do less dungeons to level up and don’t have to travel to a new dungeon every time.

There have also been some announcements for what season two of Diablo IV will bring, like more clarity on what certain stats/resistances do and a materials tab for gems. While these are small quality-of-life changes, there is likely more that will be announced for season two as we are still at least four months away from its release.

Negative Diablo IV Updates and Changes

Luckily, there are not nearly as many major negative changes as there are positive changes in Diablo IV. This is mainly because the game receives multiple updates a week that fix many of the negative issues that pop up. However, there are still some negative changes, some of which even come from those weekly updates.

The main issue has become the consistent “gutting” of dungeons that provide efficient and fast experience. Instead of buffing dungeons that do not provide good experience gains, they are nerfing the ones that provide good experience gains. In theory, this is good for the game, but it makes all the dungeons feel worse overall. It has become a major pain point for many content creators and players who put a lot of time into the game.

Another negative, which isn’t really a change but something that has been there since the beginning of the game, is the one-dimensional end-game content. It consists of Nightmare dungeons, Helltides, world bosses, and repeat. One could argue there is PvP, but only a very small percentage of the player base plays PvP. This makes for a very grindy end game, and to some, it is enough to make them stop playing.

The final negative change is the constant stealth nerfs that keep coming in. Mentioned above, as multiple updates a week, many of the updates come as stealth updates. Blizzard Entertainment does not announce they are making a change or what has changed; they just make it. So, players are just left wondering what changed and why. Despite these negatives, Diablo IV is still a great game that has a bright future ahead of it, and only time will tell what changes/updates are good or bad.