I recently had the pleasure of being a guest host on Episode 89 of T-Hud Popcast and it was an amazing experience! I was recommended to this podcast by 5-Time T-Hud Popcast Guest Host Shannon (episode link HERE); I immediately had a rapport with both of the hosts but an intense love of Star Trek made chatting with Host Moby quite fun. I do hope to be able to share the same kind of experience with Host Leland in the future. The episode is divided into 3 segments: Pre-Show Banter, Movie Musings, and The Video Game Variety Show. I’ve written some articles about a topic that is, most probably, nearest to my heart: Star Trek; I have come to find out that Host Moby and I seem to be two minds of the same kind as far as Trek goes and it’s always nice to talk to a fellow Trekkie.

Pre-Show Banter

The Pre-Show Banter is a nice warm-up and introduction to Hosts Moby and Leland. We talk about our love-hate relationship with Nintendo and the newest remake of Resident Evil 4. That game is still my favorite in the franchise to this day! We go a bit more in-depth about the moral standing and legality of emulation and roms and when franchise adaptations become their own entities. Some good points were brought up on all the topics and it really is a fine line between adapting one type of media into another while retaining its original spirit.

Movie Musings

The Movie Musings Segment was an absolute blast! Host Moby and I discussed virtually every iteration of Trek up to the most current series and what the future might hold for the franchise and I was completely geeking out! Host Leland even admitted that hearing us two fanboys chittering back and forth got him interested in the franchise! Without spoiling too much we both agree that Star Trek: Picard Season 3 has been an emotional roller coaster and Strange New Worlds is steering the franchise in the right direction.

Video Game Variety Show

We rounded out the episode with the Video Game Variety Show Segment. In it, we discussed JRPGs: what they are, which we like, and which we would recommend for anyone new to the genre or just looking for a good one to play. Spoilers, I, unabashedly, give retro Final Fantasy and Persona A LOT of love, but they deserve every bit of it in my opinion. We delve a little bit into the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and how it differs from the PS1 classic and a few more niche series that we are into. Host Moby and I were able to shed some light on a couple of game series that the other hadn’t had much time with which is always a pleasure.


This episode of T-Hud Popcast is a must-listen for anyone who likes Star Trek, Japanese Role Playing Games, or just friendly banter and nostalgia. As a bonus, my sweet Border Collie, King Louis, was voicing his opinions on what he likes as well and that is always a positive in my book! If you liked this episode go back through their library, they have many amazing episodes on a wide range of different topics, and I’m sure you’ll find one you like.