The Emmys are just around the corner. Ok, maybe not just around the corner – they’re in September – but on June 11th the Academy went to vote for who will be nominees this year. They will continue voting until the 25th, and on July 12th, nominees will be announced. If you’re wondering which television shows have a shot this year, Entertainment Weekly has got you covered.

Chasing Emmy is a podcast hosted by EW’s Editor in Chief Henry Goldblatt, with Editor at Large Lynette Rice, and TV Critic Kristen Baldwin. Every week they debate the possible Emmy nominations for a different category, and interview a TV star in the back half. “He [Henry Goldblatt] thought it would be a nice motley crew of people who all come with different opinions to contribute to this podcast,” said Lynette Rice of her and her co-hosts in an interview with The Game of Nerds. “We not only have a lot of bench experience, but we’ve seen a lot of shows that deserve to win, and a lot of shows that, oh my god, didn’t deserve to win, but they did anyway.” So, if you’ve been feeling lost in the Emmy race, didn’t know the Emmys were even coming up but care about them, or, if you’re like me, and you’re very aware and need every last shred of information you can get on the race, then this podcast is for you. Of course, if you just like hearing some all-star entertainment critics discussing some of the best TV out there, old and new, that’s cool too.

They always start off each episode with a rundown of recent winners, specifically mentioning those who have won in the category multiple times. And then they get into the snubs. This is perhaps the most fun segment as they reminisce about shows and actors they’ve loved that didn’t get nominations. Almost certainly, at this part of each episode, you’ll find yourself nodding along and saying, “me too.” Some of my favorite snubs they’ve mentioned are Lauren Graham not getting nominated for her role as Lorelei in Gilmore girlsBuffy the Vampire Slayer being snubbed for being a genre show, and Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries) as part of a list of famous heart throbs that didn’t get nominated because they were too gorgeous.

The snub Rice said she feels the most is The Big Bang Theory. “It’s just not right,” she said about the show not getting many nominations. “They, Kristen and Henry, are not Big Bang Theory fans, and so whenever I bring up the show, I can just feel them rolling their eyes on the other side of the microphone. I don’t even need to look at them. It’s like I can just hear their eyelids go back into their head.” I have to agree with Rice on this one. The Big Bang Theory is fantastic, and they really brought it home with the Shamy (Sheldon and Amy) wedding in the finale this season.

While they alway come up with their top picks for the category, they also always have a “Let Me Plead For” segment. This segment is when each of our hosts names an actor (or show) that they would love to see nominated for the category, but don’t think they’re going to. Since every year there are always a ton of shows that fans wish to see nominated, but have no shot, this segment is pure wish fulfillment. While this hadn’t been one of our critics’ picks, my top-let-me-plead-for is Ellen Pompeo for Grey’s Anatomy, for the Lead Actress in a Drama Series category. She was on fire this season, and deserves the nomination, but there’s no chance she’s going to get it.

The back half of each episode features an interview with an actor, corresponding to the category of the week. For example, Freddie Highmore, from The Good Doctor, was interviewed in the episode where they explored the Lead Actor in a Drama Series category. If nothing else, this podcast is a great way to listen to exclusive interviews with your favorite actors.

So far the shows have only focused on the acting and best series categories. When asked if there would be shows on some of the other categories, Rice revealed that there may be a chance. “It turns out we’re going to be doing more episodes in a month or so after the nominations come out,” she said. “We got more sponsorship, and so we may start to focus on some of those other categories … There are definitely some other ones worth paying attention to.” She’s hoping to get the chance to discuss her personal favorite, the writing category. As it’s one of my favorites as well, I’m hoping she gets her wish.

What about those new show suggestions I mentioned? “Because of this podcast, I started to watch Killing Eve,” said Rice. “Between our podcast and the folks at EW, I finally just said, I gotta watch that, and I haven’t regretted it.” What is Killing Eve? It’s that BBC America show starring Sandra Oh, who played Cristina back on Grey’s Anatomy. It’s also about this MI5 agent (Oh) working a boring desk job until she decides to go after a female assassin named Villanelle (Jodie Comer). The two face off as they become increasingly obsessed with each other. Time to add it to the summer binge list.

Chasing Emmy is fun, breezy, and full of those Emmy feels as this race really gets going. It’s also fun listening to the king and queens of television critics talk (and argue) about the shows they love, and realizing they’re fans just like you. When they mention watching West Wing on Netflix for the millionth time, and you can relate, that’s what makes you feel close to the hosts, and keeps you listening.