SiliCon with Adam Savage, formerly known as Silicon Valley Comic Con, was one of the most highly anticipated events of the year for Bay Area fans. The convention brought together industry experts, celebrities, makers, and pop culture enthusiasts to showcase cutting-edge technology, creativity, and the best of pop culture.

The convention was founded in 2016 by Steve Wozniak, and it quickly became a staple for the Bay Area community. In 2020, Adam Savage took over as the leader of SiliCON, and the convention underwent a major overhaul, focusing more on cosplay and technology. The convention drew in a large number of attendees, and fans were excited to see what was in store for the future of SiliCon.

However, the pandemic hit, and the convention industry was forced to shut down. After a long hiatus, SiliCon made an announcement in February 2023 that the convention would be held on October 14 and 15 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Fans were thrilled to hear this news, and many began making plans to attend the event.

But on May 5th, 2023, the organizers of SiliCon released a statement that the convention had been canceled. The announcement cited unforeseen circumstances and challenges beyond the control of the organizers as the reason for the cancellation. The news was shocking to fans, and many were disappointed to hear that the convention they had been looking forward to for so long would not be happening.

While some fans were quick to cite the new location and lack of ticket sales as reasons for the cancellation, others noticed that Adam Savage’s name had been scrubbed off every SiliCon logo on the website and social media within hours of the announcement. Some of the major convention coordinators who had worked for the convention since its start were suddenly posting that they were out of jobs. The real internet sleuths suspected that Adam Savage pulled the plug due to funding. Adam did eventually release a statement that evening about it, and it looks like the sleuths may be right. You can check out his official statement here:

The cancellation of SiliCon is a crushing blow for Bay Area fans, and many are left wondering what the future holds for the convention or if any other conventions can make it in San Jose. Even the famed Crunchyroll Convention, which is an anime staple in San Jose, has been canceled this year as well. Many conventions are siting that location rent prices and “ridiculous terms” are the reason for conventions lacking in the Bay Area. The Game of Nerds has been covering SiliCon since its inception in 2016 and has made hundreds of memories because of it. As the founder of this website, SiliCon holds a more special place in my heart. I interviewed some of the people who inspired me to create The Game of Nerds, and it was my daughter’s first convention ever. For Bay Area fans, SiliCon was the only major convention up until Fan Expo showed up last year in San Francisco. Fans have to remember that Fan Expo had to sign a five-deal Moscone Center to do so to keep the convention in the Bay Area. Now, this may have been the best choice ever since it’s the last convention standing.

Despite the disappointment, fans remain hopeful that SiliCon will return in the future. The convention has brought so much joy and excitement to the Bay Area community, and it would be a shame to see it go. The organizers have expressed their commitment to delivering a top-notch conference in the coming years, and we can only hope that this means SiliCon will return. Until then, we say, “Thanks for the Memories SiliCON aka Silicon Valley Comic Con.”