Silicon Valley Comic Con with Steve Wozniak has now been re-branded. In all honesty, I don’t think that is a bad thing, I didn’t see Steve present for the event very much at all last year, and maybe he is already burnt out.

So early Thursday morning it was announced that Steve and the name Silicon Valley Comic Con is out, and in is Adam Savage with the name SiliCon. So initial takeaways to this is the removal of the term Comic-Con, which could be for multiple reasons, one is the term Comic-Con has been under fire a lot in courts and it’s best to just stay away from that, and two, obviously for anyone that has attended knows this con is not like other conventions.

This year’s Silicon is scheduled for October 16th-18th in San Jose, Adam Savage has been a guest every year that this convention has been in existence, and from his Mythbusters background he brings a different spin compared to Steve, but it also seems like he is a better fit for this con.

As expected information has been pretty scarce so far, this exact quote from the email blast that was sent out from Brooke Bauguess reads, “This year’s show will expand upon its entertainment, science, comics, and tech programming and create new events such as maker workshops, futurecasting sessions, cosplay tips and tricks, innovative new tech hubs, increased Q&A time with celebrities and more. SiliCon will host new vendors showcasing new materials for the cosplay and maker communities. There will be something for the professional as well as the beginning maker, plus more activities fit for the entire family.” 

So there you have it, the SiliCon will be different than previous years, I hope to see you there this year, I’ll probably be in some sort of Cosplay, which is TBD. I might also be interested in checking out some of the cosplay events they have set up.

If you want to check out the updated website please click SiliCon