Have you ever played a cozy game and thought it was a little too cozy? Ever thought your farming simulator could do with a little more crime and unsolved mystery? Or maybe during your homicide detective work you wanted to grow your own vegetables? Well look no further – as Grave Seasons may just be the game for you.

Source: Son M | Official Twitter Account


What is Grave Seasons?

Grave Seasons is a murder mystery farming simulator hybrid. And yes, you did read that correctly.

The premise of Grave Seasons is this: you, a newly moved in farmer, must develop your farm to be a profitable business. While you may be thinking that you have heard this all before, Grave Seasons has a twist. Each time you start a new game, a random NPC is selected to be a serial killer. While maintaining your farm, it is up to you to find out which townie is the killer and stop them before it’s too late. Of course, between watering your crops and doing your other daily duties.

The town is described as having a “much larger town” than perhaps other farming simulators. This means that, with the addition of unknown danger, this game also tickles the need for exploration and mystery.

Source: Son M | Official Twitter Account

All of the NPCs in game are also able to be romanced. Fall in love with the priest, the store clerk, the local bar singer; whoever you choose. However be warned, as one of these individuals could even be the serial killer themselves – or perhaps even killed. For those that love romance with a dash of drama (and maybe potential homicide), this may tick all your boxes.

All NPCs will also all have their own drawn portraits – so even those that enjoy visual novels will be satisfied. Screenshots of Grave Seasons has shown a charming pixel aesthetic to the game, alongside screens of fully-fleshed NPCs during dialogue.

Source: Yellow_Syro | Official Twitter Account

What Else Do We Know?

Alongside the murder, Grave Seasons will still play as the traditional farming simulator we all know and love. Grow crops, raise livestock, fish in the ponds and lakes and build your very own homestead.

Things other people look for in these games is often themes surrounding decoration and customization of your playable character. While there hasn’t yet been anything released about that, there is no telling what further developments may come. As the first screenshots for the game came this year, there could be plenty in the works that we haven’t yet seen.

The Perfect Garbage studio made their announcement of the project only just last month, however the concept itself has been floating around for longer.

The game is still in very early development – there isn’t even a Steam page for it yet. However, there have been no further updates as to what consoles Grave Seasons would be released on. While it is anticipated to be Steam, there is nothing to say it won’t also be coming to platforms such as the Nintendo Switch.

The best way to keep up to date with development would either be through the Perfect Garbage Studio’s twitter page, or with the developer Son M who also uses Twitter. The thread linked below from Perfect Garbage catalogues all the tweets and sneak peeks of development – so it might be one to bookmark if you’re interested in the game.

Source: Perfect Garbage | Official Twitter Page

What are your thoughts on Grave Seasons? Will you be keeping up to date with this murder mystery farming simulator? Let us know your thoughts on this game in the comments below!