For as long as mankind has existed, getting free stuff has been the ultimate goal for many. The same attitude could be found in many online gaming communities, but the adage “you get what you pay for” has always been believed to be true. Today, however, we will show you unequivocal proof that, indeed, you can play free games and even make some money doing it. 

Video slots are one of the more popular types of games people like to play in their spare time, especially on their smartphones. Whether Apple’s iPhone or any of the Google’s Android offerings, playing slots on the go is a great way to kill a few minutes when waiting in line or have some fun when travelling. Until recently, most free games of these type have been apps which don’t really let you win anything, instead bombard you with ads or keep a paywall. And in the end, you can’t really win any real money, it’s all just for fun. Don’t despair, there is a better way. 

As explained at this popular guide, it is far from impossible to play free casino games and win real money in the process. We won’t make you read the entire guide, since the concept is rather simple, really. In its essence, the way to play the casino games for free is to take advantage of the no deposit bonus offers many of the online casinos have on tap. The best part is – this applies not only for their existing customers, which is to be expected, but to new players, as well.  

As you can see when you visit the page, there are a whole bunch of no deposit bonus codes, which give the player a certain amount of free chips, when they claim them at the casino. In order to redeem these offers, there is no need to deposit any of your own money. The casino literally gives you free cash, but that’s not the most attractive part. The real deal clincher is that if you happen to win when using that bonus, you actually can withdraw real money! Yes, you read that correctly, the online casinos will allow you to cash out real money, even though you risked absolutely nothing when you played those games. 

Now we can hear everyone saying “Yeah, right…”; in actuality, it is true, you can both play the casino games for free, and you can cash out your winnings in real money. But why? Who in their right mind would do this, no less a casino? A business that has always been regarded as cold and money-first? 

Well, it’s not done from the goodness of their heart, I assure you. The reasoning behind those no deposit bonuses is nothing but a pragmatic one. It allows the online casinos the opportunity to feature some of their best games to potential players. And more importantly, there is always the chance that those players will stick around and eventually start gaming with real money, instead of using the free offers.

In addition, there is a limit on how much real money you can withdraw when using those free money bonuses. Oftentimes the maximum winnings are capped somewhere in the $100 to $300, so you won’t become rich by playing the video slots with this type of no deposit bonus. That said, let’s not forget that when you started playing the casino games, you did so for free, so any winnings, regardless of how small they may seem to many, is still actual money at the end, for which you risked literally nothing.  So don’t snub those free game bonus offers some casinos have, but enjoy them, and even if you win nothing – you’ve lost no money but had a great time playing!