Is there not enough magic in your Stardew Valley? Or maybe you’re looking for something that’ll satisfy your need for a cozy farming simulator, but also something to sink your fangs into? Then look no further – as Moonlight Peaks might be the game you’re looking for.


Developer and publisher Little Chicken presents Moonlight Peaks: a cozy game about being a vampire. Players take the role of a newly moved-in vampire that has their own plot of land. What you use this for is entirely up to you. Grow your spooky (and wholesome) crops, master the art of potion making and harness the power of magic. Leave your mark on the town with your magical knowledge and know-how.

Being a vampire, as well as having supernatural neighbors, you live on cursed food. Cursed food means cursed crops. Pumpkins and nightshade will become a staple on your spooktastic farm, and is vital for your success. You aim to prove your father, Count Dracula, that even the undead can live a life of compassion and kindness for the world around them.

Source: Moonlight Peaks | Official Steam Page

But your homestead isn’t all work. Craft the perfect coffin to sleep the day away in and make your land into the perfect gothic paradise. Craft eerie decorations and watch your wilderness become the macabre home of your dreams. With house expansions and farm extensions, you can really customize your experience to be your own.

The customization doesn’t end there, either. Moonlight Peaks boasts a skillset that matches your personal playstyle. Players will be able to unlock the hidden abilities of their vampire ancestors. These range between enhanced senses to even shapeshifting. Use these skills to rise to the top of the vampire hierarchy.

What Else Can I Do in Moonlight Peaks?

If you thought that being an immortal vampire was a lonely existence, you would be mistaken. In this magical town that you move into, there are a whole host of colorful paranormal NPCs. From werewolves to mermaids, there are always new faces emerging from the shadows. Perhaps even one of these supernatural suitors will become your perfect match?

Source: Moonlight Peaks | Official Steam Page

Magic is also a big aspect of the game. From potion brewing to mastering magic, there are multiple aspects of the game to keep you intrigued and entertained. Learn from the local witches or completely experiment on your own to see what your ingredients can make.

Of course, this magical world of Moonlight Peaks has it’s own secrets. From foraging exotic ingredients, seasonal events, and more, ancient secrets wait around every corner waiting to be discovered. From the bustling town to the hidden forest, there are many things and more waiting for you.

However, for players that just need a break for a moment, there are a wide variety of mini games. These include fishing in mystical ponds, trying your hand at bartending, or even seeing how far you can fly as a bat. All in all, there are many things for players to do in this uniquely cute-but-creepy farming simulator.

Where Can I Learn More About Moonlight Peaks?

There isn’t a trailer for Moonlight Peaks yet, but those of you that are interested can take a peak at their social medias. Little Chicken frequently post updates on both Twitter and Instagram. There you can see gameplay, previews of NPCs, and watch how the game develops. Currently there is no release date announced, but the game will be accessed through Steam.

Source: Moonlight Peaks | Official Twitter

What are your thoughts on Moonlight Peaks? Do you know any games that mix the gothic with the cozy? Will you be adding this one to your wishlist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!