I don’t know about you, but I love trivia. Unfortunately, I am pretty much the only one who does in my house, so nobody wants to play trivia games with me. Because of this, I look up trivia and trivia games on the internet, so I figured I would share some trivia with you all. I am going to make a series of this, at least for the fandoms I am the captain of here at TGON, maybe more. We will see. The articles will have twenty questions with the answers at the end of the article.

To kick off the series, I figured I would start with Anita Blake. She turns 30 this year, and her latest book, Smolder, came out this past March 21st. That was book 29. Book 30, Slay, is set to come out on November 7th of this year. I would have done 30 questions for 30 years, but the series is 20 Questions, and this is the first in the series, so… In any case, how good is your knowledge of the Anitaverse? Can you answer all of these right? Let’s see!

1 True or false, Anita wore a tuxedo to Larry’s wedding.

2 What is a person with abilities like Anita called? Her abilities with the dead specifically.

3 What does Jean-Claude call Asher?

4 True or false, Edward has used a flame thrower.

5 Who are the Four Horsemen?

6 Which Horseman do each of them represent?

7 Who was the Master of the City in St. Louis before Jean-Claude?

8 Who were Micha and his pard desperate to escape from when he met Anita?

9 What was Anita’s pard’s name?

10 What are some of The Mother Of All Darkness’s names?

11 Who is Father of the Day/Mommy Dearest’s other half?

12 Who made Asher?

13 Who are Richard’s Hati and Skoll?

14 What are the “husband and wife’s” titles of the werewolves?

15 What are the “husband and wife’s” titles of the wereleopards?

16 Anita holds two titles in Richard’s pack. What are they?

17 How many brides does Anita have?

18 Who are they?

19 Who are Anita’s siblings?

20 Who trained Anita to be both an Animator and a vampire hunter?

Ok, so those are the questions. Do you have your answers written down or locked in some other way? Let’s check out the answers.

Source: Gamespot

1 True, they tried to get her in a dress, but with her scars, she made the women uncomfortable, and she hated the dress, so the tux was best all around though the ladies at the dress shop hated it.

2 She is a necromancer

3 Mon chardonneret, which means my goldfinch.

4 True

5 They are Anita, Edward, Bernardo, and Olaf

6 Olaf is Pestilence, Bernardo is Famine, Edward is Death, and Anita is War

7 Nikolaos, who ultimately Anita killed with the help of Jean-Claude, who made her his human servant to give her the power to do so and save her life.

8 Chimera, and he was one sick bastard I was happy to see go.

9 Blood Drinkers Clan

10 The Sweet Dark, Mother Dark, Dark Mother, Queen of All Darkness, The Living Dark, The Darkness, The Queen of Nightmares, The Queen of All Vampires, Madre de la Oscuridad, Mommy Dearest, Marmee Noir

10 Vittorio

11 Belle Morte, who also turned Jean-Claude too. She loved their blue eyes.

12 Shang-Da (Hati) and Jamil (Skoll)

13 Ulfric and Lupa, respectively

14 Nimer-Raj and Nimer-Ra, respectively

15 Lupa is the mate title, and Bolverk is the evil-doer for the pack. The bolverk often doles out the punishment that the Ulfric is too squeamish to do himself.

16 She has 4

17 Nicky, Rodrigo, Rodina, and Ru, and she often feels guilty about it but can ultimately live with it. I also want to add Rodrigo is dead. He offered himself to save Anita as a bride should.

19 Josh (half-brother) and Andria (step-sister) both, of course, are fair of hair and eyes, further making it clear to Anita that she doesn’t fit with the family.

20 Manny Rodriguez

How did you do? I want to know your score, so please let me know in the comments below. I have several fandoms, so that I will have more for you soon. Some of them are Harry Dresden, Scooby-Doo, and Letterkenny. I have others, but you get the idea. If you have any fandoms you would like to see a trivia article for, let me know in the comments below, and I will see about it. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!