There seems to be a lot of crossovers between the tv and movie universes, with tv shows like the Simpsons and soon Community making the jump to the big screen and movies such as Willow and History of the World continuing their stories on streaming platforms. Here are nine more movies that could move their stories from the big screen to the small screen

Almost Heroes: While everyone thinks of Beverly Hills Ninja or Tommy Boy when thinking of Chris Farley movies. Almost Heroes is an underrated movie, with Farley teaming up with Matthew Perry to play two explorers who were beaten by Lewis and Clark to the west coast. While their story is pretty much complete, what about a comedic anthology series that follows history’s “forgotten” second best, like the second team to make it to the moon or the explorer who made it to America right after Christopher Columbus

Dodgeball: One of the great movie sports rivalries was already revisited in the Cobra Kai series, so why not revisit another great sports movie rivalry between the Average Joes and the Globo Gym Purple Cobras with a tv continuation of Dodgeball? While it would be hard to get most of the original cast back for a series, as long as the rivalry continues and balls (and wrenches) are dodged, I think it could be good.

Heavyweights: Another movie that starred Ben Stiller as a proto-White Goodman, Tony Perkins, who terrorized a summer camp of overweight pre-teens. A tv continuation could see one of the original campers returning as either a counselor or a parent and dealing with Tony Perkins, or more likely, his son.

Remember the Titans: Another great sports movie from 2000 starring Denzel Washington as the coach of a newly integrated football team in 1960s Virginia. A tv adaption could go either the Friday Night Lights route and be a dramatic period piece following the Titans after the initial season or even a different Titan team during the 60s and 70s, or they could go the Mighty Ducks route and adapt the movie into an animated series starring actual Titans as football players and crime fighters. Either approach would be interesting.

Predator: Predator could use a televised approach, and there are plenty of time periods and even other planets to explore. It could be a follow-up or prequel to Prey, a continuation of the story in 2018, The Predator, or even set in the distant future like the comic series. Still, there is a lot of storytelling potential left in the Predator series. I wouldn’t mind seeing a look at the Predator home world or even Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his role as Dutch, even if it is just for a small role.

The Expendables: Speaking of projects with a Schwarzenegger cameo, while a fourth movie in the franchise seems to be on its way, why not move the action to the small screen with some tv action stars such as Stephen Amell, Pedro Pascal, Jon Bernthal, and maybe even reunite Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. While the movie series is mainly male-driven, there is no reason a tv series can’t be co-ed by bringing in some female stars like Lucy Lawless, Tricia Helfer, and Yvonne Strahovski.

Escape from New York:  While there have been talks of a movie reboot for years, why not skip that and instead do a TV series that either reboots the story or acts as a sequel to the original Escape From New York and its sequel, Escape From LA and maybe even travels to other future cities. Escape from London? Escape from Tokyo? perhaps

The Princess Bride: While shows like House of Dragons and Rings of Power offer more dramatic and dark fantasy tales, there is no reason we can’t get a more light-hearted fantasy series with an adaption of the beloved fantasy movie The Princess Bride, which could either act as a sequel bringing back some of the original cast or even a prequel detailing Westley’s time as the Dread Pirate Roberts, but with a Willow streaming series being released recently, why not another fantasy movie from the late 80s getting the TV treatment

Paranormal Activity: While admittedly, this writer hasn’t seen the whole Paranormal Activity saga, I feel the mythology is rich enough to sustain a more serialized tv series instead of a series of convoluted movies. I say, go back to the events of the first movie or even before and retcon a few things to tell a whole new story.