Andy Parola, better known to Funko fans as Poppin Hopper, has been selected to participate in the Cosplay Star competition. This competition is a huge platform for cosplayers from every universe to come together and showcase their creativity.

Poppin Hopper, a Californian cosplayer and a huge Funko collector, has turned his obsession into a cosplay. His multiple Funko cosplays, including Wolverine, Hopper from Stranger Things, and Farva and Ramathorn from Super Troopers, have gained him a great following on social media.

To keep the momentum going, Parola is now on a mission to create another family cosplay for SiliCon in October 2023. He is putting in all his efforts to make it the most unique and creative cosplay of his career so far.

The Cosplay Star competition isn’t just any small competition. One creative enthusiast will take home $10,000, a 2-page feature in Star Magazine, and two 3-day badges to Rose City Comic Con. The winner will also gain access to Portland’s premier pop culture convention for cosplayers, comic creators, and creatives of all kinds. The exciting experience includes gaming, sci-fi, anime, fantasy, and much more.

But the competition is not just about the prize money and the fame. The Cosplay Star competition is an opportunity to help deliver happiness through the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Since 1982, the foundation has provided happiness to severely ill children and their families during times of hardship by offering virtual reality experiences, fun hospital wear, and video games.

Producer, publisher, and comic creator Brian Pulido will guide competitors on their journey to becoming the 2023 Cosplay Star. With over three decades of experience in the industry, Pulido’s words and creations have been influencing the world of comics and beyond. Among his notable works are Lady Death, A Nightmare on Elm St., Chucky, WWE, and many more.

The competition starts on March 20th, 2023, and you can vote once a day to support your favorite contestant. So, let’s wish Poppin Hopper and all the participants the very best of luck in the Cosplay Star competition!