The last time fans saw an Evil Dead movie in theaters, it was for 2013’s reboot starring Jane Levy.

Now, a decade later, another installment is on its way. While it was once set to debut on HBO Max, Warner Bros. gave the project a big promotion, having it instead hit theaters on April 21st, later this year.

There isn’t all too much that audiences have been told about the project. What is known is that the movie won’t have Bruce Campbell’s Ash, won’t be a sequel to the 2013 remake, and it’ll take place in a skyscraper—hence the name Evil Dead: Rise.

Now, the long wait is over, and fans can finally get a peak at what the final movie will look like.

The newly released trailer can be seen below.

Right off the bat, it’s clear that this installment is leaning more into the gritty, brutal horror vibes of the recent reboot and not the campy humor that Sam Raimi had going in Evil Dead 2 and beyond.

But can it reach the heights of Fede Álvarez’s time with the franchise? One of the key components that made his modern reboot special was its intense commitment to a visceral feel and committing to practical effects and trickery wherever possible.

For those that might not know much about the making of 2013’s Evil Dead, it’s certainly worth looking into some behind-the-scenes content to see how all the magic was made.

Hopefully, Rise will manage to be a quality entry in the franchise and leave a lasting mark on its legacy. Maybe it’ll even be so successful that more content from the IP might be made down the line.

I can already hear the cries for Ash vs. The Evil Deads renewal. Or, maybe it’s time for an Endgame-style crossover event, with the leads of the three different eras coming together; that would certainly be something.