The last time we talked about Dimension 20 was after the thrilling conclusion of Shriek Week. This was one of the more unique side quests, and I found it to be a relaxing way to spend my time. However, we are here to discuss Dimension 20: Starstruck Odyssey this week.

Source: Dimension 20

The Cast

Brennan Lee MulliganGame Master
Emily AxfordSundry Sidney
Zac OyamaNorman Takamori
Siobhan ThompsonRiva
Lou WilsonGunthrie Miggles-Rashbax
Ally BeardsleyMargaret Encino
Brian MurphyBig Barry Syx
This is a table with all the players and their roles.

The Story

This story takes place in the Starstruck universe approximately 30 years after the original comic book series. It began onboard the Red Hot, a mess freighter in the shape of a hot dog, manned by Norman Takamori. Norman is accompanied by navigator Riva, engineer Gunnie, and gunners Sidney and Barry. Also aboard the Red Hot are numerous Jib Jobbers and an executive at United Free Trade Planets, Ms. Margaret Encino. Together this ragtag team of adventurers engage in battle, travel the galaxy, and earn some dough to pay off massive debts.


This campaign is my favorite Dimension 20 has put out yet. The cast played some whacky characters and seemed to be having a great time. I also need to give props to Beardsley, they played Margret to her fullest potential, and I ate it up. Watching Margret send emails during combat and being an overall “boss bitch” was phenomenal. Axford is always fantastic with her action economy during a battle; however, I felt she killed it this season. I felt immersed in this season thanks to everyone at the table. This ranges from world-building to engaging role-playing. Overall, I would love to see another season set in the Starstruck universe.

Odds and Ends

In the end, Dimension 20: Starstruck Odyssey was beautifully done, and I cannot recommend it enough. If this article gave you a burning desire to check it out, head to Dropout. If you have any D&D content you would like to see on TGON, drop it down below!