Welcome to Overwatch Tips where we will be teaching you how to excel with each hero in Overwatch! Today we will be going over the newest hero, Doomfist. He is a hero with a very high skill ceiling for most players. But with some practice, you’ll be able to play him in comp in no time.


Getting your opponents to play into your hands is key in success for Doomfist. Baiting or waiting for players to get in front of a wall will give you that extra damage to wither down tanks and to one shot squishies (Attack, defense, supports).


There isn’t really a wrong combo to use when playing Doomfist. Either using a seismic slam, rising uppercut, then a rocket punch, or switching the first two can grant you success. But it depends on where you are on a map. Playing Doomfist is all about whatever situation you are in. And, in the middle of your combos, you can sneak in some hand cannon shots to maximize damage.

Overwatch- Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch- Blizzard Entertainment

Use the most out of your ultimate

Doomfist’s meteor strike is a very powerful ultimate if used correctly. Pairing with the likes of Zarya, Mei, and Reinhardt can make for a poweful ultimate. Or using your ult while say a frienldy D.va uses hers. The enemy team will go into hiding and you take that chance to choke their hiding spot.


Though Doomfist can really put the hurt on some heroes, he can very easily be stopped. His hitbox is rather large and most ranged attackers can stop him before he even gets to use an ability. Also Sombra will be able to take away all your abilities if you’re not careful. So positioning yourself out of their line of sights and being able to put yourself and your team in position to win will be key.